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cbd for dogs europe

Cbd for dogs europe

With so many positive health benefits of pet CBD oil, we quickly learned that by taking advantage of the full spectrum of cannabinoids offered by the hemp plant, and not just CBD, Pet Releaf products are effectively activating your pet’s Endocannabinoid System (ECS). What happens when the ECS is turned on? It’s the only time 2-way communication (homeostasis) is happening within the body. Full spectrum CBD allows your pet’s brain to eliminate the guesswork on where their body needs more support.

Our pet CBD products, such as our very popular USDA Certified Organic Hemp Oils, are made from hemp oil extracted from hemp family farms in the United States. Through utilizing the entire hemp plant, extracting the oil using a supercritical CO2 method, and making products using all-natural ingredients, we have created human-grade products that provide positive results for animals.

We believe in healing from the inside out and that starts with paying close attention to what exactly we are putting into our pets’ bodies. Our philosophy is that it’s not only important to start our pets on the right dietary regimen but also to incorporate extra outside elements to make them that much stronger.

Peanut Butter & Banana Flavor
May support mobility and flexibility

Full spectrum

Hemp Oil for Small Dogs and Cats
May support situational stress
and occasional joint discomfort

The dedicated employees at Pet Releaf have made it a mission to change what healthy means for pets and deliver a “better way” to support common health challenges by using pet CBD oil. We view our pets as equal members of the family, and to us, that means providing them with products that may help support them in living a happy and comfortable life. At Pet Releaf, we manufacture and sell CBD for dogs, cats, and other animals because we believe in providing your pets with CBD products for a lifetime.

Hemp Oil for Large Dogs
May support situational stress
and occasional joint discomfort

Herbicide and Pesticide Free

Peanut Butter & Carob Flavor
May promote calmness and relaxation

When taking Pet Releaf CBD for pets, the body is able to tell the brain exactly where it’s needing more help and assistance. Because of this, Pet Releaf products may support a normal inflammatory and immune system response.

Cbd for dogs europe


Cannabidiol (CBD) in one of many natural compounds found in the hemp plant, known collectively as cannabinoids. It is a natural organic non-psychoactive cannabinoid currently showing promising results in studies all around the world.

CDB Oil is a holistic health treatment that offers an alternative way to care for your pet. CBD, or cannabidiol, is one such holistic treatment that has become a popular supplement for dogs. CBD is a compound found in the hemp plant and does not have any intoxicating ingredients such as THC. Give it to your pet directly or mix it into their favourite foods or treats to help to reduce pain sensations and adjust their mood to a state of calm.