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cbd for boxer dogs

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Boxer Temperament & CBD for Boxers

CBD for Boxers is becoming increasingly popular for dog owners, as many of the substances reputed characteristics are thought to influence the breed’s behavior positively, increase calmness and diminish any undesired behavior that might result from being left alone. Below we’ll discuss CBD oil for Boxers and how much CBD for Boxers is appropriate when it comes to treating Boxer’s separation problem.

CBD Oil for Boxers

There are few dogs with faces more comedic than a Boxer’s. There is something about that confused, “I’m innocent, aren’t I?” look on their face which makes everyone love them. Boxers are some of the most popular dogs in the country, and one might guess that much of that popularity comes down to their adorable facial structure. Of course, there’s more than meets the eye. Boxers are extremely friendly and playful dogs, fun to be around and generally easily to socialize, both with people and other dogs. Families looking for a dog that will run around and play for hours while at the same time having the capacity to become a protector need not search any further.

Cbd for boxer dogs

THC, of course, is the psychoactive compound in marijuana that produces the high. So, no THC, no high. The exact mechanism by which CBD enhances mood is not completely understood, but research indicates it helps improve oxygen levels in the brain and that it can help prevent the death of brain cells. It is also believed to have antipsychotic properties and to support hippocampal neurogenesis. That promotes the growth of neurons in the brain, which helps alleviate mood disorders.

3. Reduces Anxiety and Separation Anxiety

An energetic dog is one who likes to play and is very active when given a chance to bound around in the great outdoors. A hyperactive dog is one that doesn’t know when to quit. It doesn’t respond to commands, and may wind up damaging things in the home or injuring itself as a result. Certain adrenal gland conditions can cause hyperactivity. And CBD oil can help alleviate those conditions and return your pup to its normal active but in control state.

5. Reduces Risk of picking up illnesses

One of the most promising developments in CBD research has been the discovery of its anticonvulsant properties. In fact, research demonstrates CBD can reduce the frequency of seizures in humans by almost half. A remarkable discovery that has also led to breakthroughs in treating canine seizures with CBD.

Cbd for boxer dogs

As a result, you’ll usually notice your once lively Boxer lounging around the house, sleeping more than regular, and possibly avoiding walks, exercise, or play time.

One of the first things you’ll notice in your Boxer, for example, is their lack of energy.

Common Health Problems Affecting Boxers

Arthritis and colitis.

Some other symptoms you might notice in your Boxer if he/she is dealing with arthritis include:

How Can CBD Help My Boxer?

But remember, CBD has a wide variety of health benefits, and can help your dog deal with cancer, epilepsy, anxiety, and much more.