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cbd for angioedema

For four months, I was on a moderate dose of the steroid prednisone along with a slew of other drugs. Don’t get me wrong—sometimes these medications are necessary. When my lips, tongue, and throat were swelling, they were most definitely life-saving. And certainly for other conditions, they are an absolute must. But how much is too much? And in my case, since the symptoms came on so suddenly, wasn’t there some value in searching for the root cause?

Until now, I’d completely relied on doctors to tell me how all the different systems of my body work together, even the basics that I should know myself. Did you know that bad dental habits can lead to heart disease? Or that you’re taller in the morning than you are in the evening? Yeah, there’s the danger of over-Googling. But technology has given us an advantage when it comes to owning our health. On top of countless social media groups, there are over 40,000 health-related mobile apps, with chronic disease management apps like Crohn’s Diary, Glucose Buddy, and allowing patients to take the reins when it comes to how they deal with their own disease, a Brookings Institution report recently found. Tools like these and others can function as great support resources.

Unfortunately, it’s also exactly what throat swelling from angioedema feels like—quiet, unstoppable, and downright scary, like drowning without being anywhere near water. Whether it was sympathy pains or coincidence, while Bullock gasped for breath, I too found my throat constricting. Just to get through the movie, I had to pop a few steroid pills and wait for the swelling to subside, keeping one hand on my EpiPen for reassurance.

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Essentially, the most basic proposition I had with nature—breathing—became a tenuous one. This is life now.

So when I was diagnosed with a fairly difficult-to-treat disease called idiopathic angioedema and chronic urticaria (a fancy way of saying we don’t know why you swell and hey, enjoy the 24/7 hives) six months ago, I wasn’t quite sure how to cope. My body is essentially in a constant state of allergy and releases large amounts of histamine into the bloodstream, causing painful tissue swelling and itchy, tortuous hives.

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Every morning there are new hives, different things swollen. Perpetually tumescent, I’ve become a living blow-up doll. There has also been so much wasted time, where short drives have taken hours because I’d think I was asphyxiating, or when my computer has sat untouched for days. I once spent an afternoon taking small sips of water to make sure I could still swallow during one of my episodes, refilling the glass and drinking until it was time for my next dose of steroids. It was only when the sun set that I realized three hours had passed.

But the worst part of idiopathic angioedema, by far, is the throat and tongue swelling.

Wow, I can’t believe this study even came out. Of course our government already has it’s de-bunking “scientific reasons” why the study was mishandled , didn’t account for enough variables, or they might simply say “oh, those bad Arabs, they’re lying to the world!”. Who knows, they might even try to start another war over this, this is Israel we’re talking about. I only know 2 things for sure & UNQUESTINGABLY: That JESUS CHRIST is the ONLY hope for us, HE is the way, the truth, & the life force of us all. The second being that Canabis is TRULY A LIFE-GIVING MEDIiCINE FROM GOD HIMSELF! I lived my life in unmeasurable suffering simply because I was a good girl, I have never smoked tobacco, done ANY drugs that weren’t prescribed to me besides Cannabis( & only recently) & got drunk off half a wine cooler a handful of times; & ONLY AFTER I was grown & MARRIED! I nearly lost my life, & in a way, I actually did, All because I believed all the propaganda instead of doing my own research Which will never happen again. For the past 20 years I have had “The MOST severe case of Idiopathic Treatment-Resistant Crohn’s Disease. If you don’t know anything about it, it’s basically Chronic Wasting Syndrome, but so much worse. It comes in many different “strength levels”, but mine has me going WEEKS without eating a single bite of food, & only the tiniest bit of water to get my 52 pills a day down, which they don’t half the time. For the last 8 years, it really ramped up to where I have thrown up EVERY SINGLE DAY MULTIPLE TIMES. So much so, that last week I had to have half of my teeth removed due to Quote: “acidic erosion from stomach acid & bile”. Since the entire length of my intestines are mostly just scars now, I can no longer absorb most of what I put in, which is a third-world paltry amount of food in the first place. So a feeding tube is useless for me. Instead, they inject fluids & TPN( a thick milky looking stuff that is basically “food”) straight into my heart. That’s fun, let me tell you(sarcasm of course). I was so sick in fact, not only did I try EVERY therapy, alternative medicine included, I was always top of the list for FDA Trials. I even went through SEVERAL forms of chemo, before they were even approved! The Dr.’s finally gave up on me & sent me home from my weekly/monthly stay in the hospital for “Palliative End Care”. THEY SENT ME HOME TO DIE AT 26, with 3 children. I suffered from chronic dehydration, malnutrition , & pain so unbelievable, all I could think about was suicide, just to end the suffering, all because no one could find ANYTHING to stop the vomiting/nausea, the immense pain, or to give me an appetite, I had NONE. Food always felt foreign & gross in my month. My body didn’t want me to eat until the big, bleeding, open, ulcers in my intestines healed. Problem was, they NEVER healed, no remission AT ALL. Jesus wouldn’t let me kill myself,but He did put a random thought into my husband’s head while we were crying over the news, my will, everything, when he looked at me & said ” I’m going to find some cannabis-somehow-& I’m going to make you try it, you’re almost dead, you have NOTHING left to lose !”. I balked at first, but then realized he was right! IT SAVED MY LIFE! It ENDED the vomiting & most nause, it relieved so much pain, & gave me an appetite for the first time in 10 years!! ABSOLUTE MIRACLE!! I have developed 16 other diseases & deficiencies due to the CONSTANT malnutrition& dehydration. At my lowest, I weighed 79 lbs. At my highest amount of times to throw up in a 24 hour period, is a whopping 36 times. NO ONE had ever even hinted me about cannabis before that! Much of the damage to my body is now being repaired , but much is permanent. Although I do still get some relief from it, including: Osteoporosis , Arthritis, Scoliosis stage 4, Mini-Seizures,Neuropathy, & Fibromyalgia. There are others that may be fixed, such as anemia, hypo-glycemia, Musculoskeletal problems, & MANY vitamin/mineral deficiencies. I’m probably even forget a few, seeing as I have 23 health problems & I am currently 27 years old! And Cannabis either CURES OR HELPS ALL OF THEM. Catch is, once it’s out of my system, the remission is instantly over. Which I either go without it & die, or live, but risk everything else by breaking the law. I’ve tried many of my own control tests to make sure it was the cannabis & not something else, but came up with the same results as above: When you smoke it, you have remission of almost ALL health problems, When you don’t, you are just the same old sick self. You couldn’t possibly convince me of either Jesus not being our Savior, & you can’t convince me that Cannabis isn’t the perfect plant, as a whole it has many uses, but ESPECIALLY MEDICINE! Both are undeniable truth with too much truth. It’s a crime against humanity to
keep this from us.
The suffering myself, my children & my family had to go through alone is unmeasurable , now think of it on a mass scale, this is the HEART of the whole issue : an easy, affordable , COMPLETELY SAFE, perfect medicine is being withheld from us all for big pharma’s greed. Human suffering means NOTHING to them.

Okay, I wasn’t going to do this; not since the First Church of Cannabis opened in Indiana in response to when their state relaxed their religious rights over something entirely different pertaining to serving marriage licenses to same sex couples, BUT… after watching the latest episode of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver,

Its a MORAL IMPERATIVE that Medical Marijuana be legalized in all 50 states.

I feel compelled to test the limits of my Republican Democracy in the Great State of Texas; …The state where we have no voter initiatives to force our prohibitionist legislature to do their job, listen to the MAJORITY of voters and LEGALIZE cannabis…
Oh, that’s right people… If our NORML lobbyist and executive director in Texas, Jax, is finally on the payroll after fighting for our rights all these years (I still can’t believe that… she wasn’t getting PAID? REALLY?)… then there is only ONE thing left to do…
HIRE a TAX lawyer, unite Libertarian Representative David Simpson who introduced the bill to legalize marijuana in the state of Texas “because it’s a plant from GOD,” with Democratic representative Beto O’Rourke, (really… Because he’s all for legalization and I donated to him, pretty much…) and form a NEW TAX-FREE…;


Investigators from the Soroka University Medical Center in Israel reported on the progress of a 27-year-old male patient with life-threatening, recurrent angioedema of unknown origin. Doctors placed the patient on a regiment of 20 grams of inhaled cannabis monthly after he failed to respond favorably to prescribed steroids and antihistamines.

[Paul Armentano responds: According to the case report, the subject engaged in smoking, not vaporization: “In this case, the patient smoked medical grade marijuana.”]

Authors reported: “The use of inhaled cannabis resulted in a complete response, and he has been free of symptoms for 2 years. An attempt to withhold the inhaled cannabis led to a recurrent attack within a week, and resuming cannabis maintained the remission, suggesting a cause and effect relationship.”

Like this:

More good news this year!

Kudos to Little God’s Country,
Mechoulam and his successors have brought that state to the top of the chart on cannabinoid/terpenoid research tolerance and achievements, and some of our guys are rightly enthused, “Maybe it only works in Isreal?” Answer, depends how you edit the newsreel.