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cbd for adrenal fatigue

Cbd for adrenal fatigue

It is critical that our bodies maintain a stable environment despite any external stimuli that could launch us into stress or anxiety. In particular, we can experience symptoms of adrenal fatigue if we don’t take care of ourselves adequately. Adrenal fatigue suggests that your adrenal glands are overworked and not able to adequately produce the appropriate amounts of hormones, specifically Cortisol; this would be a result of chronic stress. CBD oil can help alleviate the symptoms of adrenal fatigue and reinforce good health.

What are adrenal glands?

Four common symptoms of adrenal fatigue:

How can CBD help with Adrenal Fatigue

Imbalanced levels of cortisone and adrenaline can cause many to feel like they are never fully rested. CBD assists with homeostasis regulation during sleep through it’s indirect affect on our nervous system by reinforcing adequate hormone reproduction from the glands. It’ll help you go to sleep quicker and stay asleep longer which reduces fatigue.

Cbd for adrenal fatigue

So, let’s say you’re eating fast food all the time because you have a lot of work pressure and don’t have time to cook. You also don’t sleep well from the anxiety you feel, and you have to take painkillers frequently to fight off your tension headaches. And you use cannabis to get you through the day. The problem with these stressors is not that they cause acute stress, which your NEM is well-equipped to handle. The problem with them is that they are recurring – they are chronic.

If you’d like more information on how cannabis might help with your AFS recovery, or about AFS recovery in general, we’d be happy to help. You can talk to our team for a FREE** health consultation.

Generally speaking, we’ve been looking at medical cannabis, mainly the marijuana variety, for helping relieve symptoms of chronic conditions for adults. But CBD oil and medications made from CBD have been used for conditions that affect children as well.

Cannabis Side Effects and AFS Recovery

The first and most obvious issue here is that it can affect your coordination and your judgment. This means that you should not be driving or operating dangerous machinery. You are more prone to accidents and other injuries if you do not use it in a controlled environment.

Like any drug, whether natural or synthetic, cannabis’s benefits and risks are related to how and why you use it. In the case of adrenal fatigue recovery, some of its usually unwanted side effects may actually be useful, while some of its intended benefits may not. The following are two examples of this.

Dr. Lam’s Key Question

Some people use cannabis for conditions that may not yet be considered qualifying, such as anxiety, but we do not recommend that you try any substances, natural or not, without approval from your doctor or health professional first.

The other risk, which is still debated, is dependency. Dependency means that when and if you decide to stop using medical cannabis, you may experience withdrawal symptoms. If you overuse it for a long period of time, it’s possible you may be at risk of addiction, where even if you want to stop using it you are unable to without intervention.