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cbd fluid spray

CBD Whole Flower Fluid is the liquid which results from a highly efficient extraction process unlike anything else on the market today.


Yes, you only need 2-8 sprays per day. This product doesn’t seem to follow the same bell curve effect of isolated CBD products. (see below for more info)

CBD Whole Flower Fluid Spray Results

January 2018 – we just received this testimonial that is so heartfelt and moving it can bring tears to your eyes if you have ever been in this kind of pain:

This organic flavored CBD spray offers a natural, fast-acting solution. Water solubility makes for fast absorption that means quicker effects. Plus, a pleasant taste makes the experience enjoyable all around.


Spray four times inside the mouth, swallow, and enjoy your benefits of whole flower CBD!
Use up to 8 sprays per day.

Whole-Flower Cannabis Extract – Extraction process that means the product keeps essential compounds that are usually lost with most industrial hemp isolates.