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cbd flower for sale near me

Fire & Flower, Smell Proof Bag

The Wild Florist

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Pop on the cardio playlist after smoking, you're going to want to move.

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Jean Guy – Good Supply – Pre-Roll

Cbd flower for sale near me

Tweedle Farms is a manufacturer and distributor of CBD-rich hemp flower based in Oregon. When they inevitably run out of their own crop, Tweedle works with a select group of organic-equivalent hemp farms to source stopgap flowers of equal quality for their loyal customer base. The quality is that of mass-produced Oregonian sungrown: what it lacks in bag appeal it makes up for in chemical impact and to some palates, flavor.

Tweedle Farms

Plain Jane Hemp Rolls served as my first point of contact with the brand’s product line. I was most intrigued by the idea of odorless hemp prerolls packaged like cigarettes and branded as a healthier, non-addictive alternative. I smoke a lot of cigs, so this one was targeted at me.

So, how’s the smoke?

When paired with CBD, the effect was oddly similar to that of THC-rich Hazes, minus the goofy thoughts, giggle tracks, and the sensation of a tape player running at half speed where a brain used to be. Much in the levitated style of poorly-practiced mindfulness meditation, Tweedle’s Hazes took things from calming to nap time on a few different afternoons.