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cbd failed drug test reddit

Cbd failed drug test reddit

I told some on here that I would post my self-experiment with smoking hemp flower and being able to pass a drug test. Here it is.

Ok, I am female, well-muscled, 160lbs. I do crossfit 2-3x a week. I feel like my metabolism is not that of a sedentary person. With that said, i'll explain what I did.

I purchased a very small smoking pipe, it may be about 3" long and I will post the picture below if I can. I'm gonna get a better smoking device, I promise!

Cbd failed drug test reddit

I’m sure most folks know that CBD can have trace amounts of THC, but if you are like me you figured they would be so low you’d never have to worry.

Well I am proof you do. DOT standards are 50ng/mL, however a client I work for uses a non-DOT standard of 10ng/mL. My test result came back at 15ng/mL. So a fail.

I could go into a long-winded story of how I think it is BS, but at the end of the day they are a private company and can set their testing limits as they please. I am headed today to a mandatory drug counseling session before I can return to work. Who knows what we will talk about… but this is my cautionary tale.