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cbd extraction machine

Cbd extraction machine

Extracting oils from cannabis and hemp is not an easy process. It often involves a very labour intensive procedure, many different types of equipment, compliance rules that are thousands of pages long, and a large capital expenditure budget. Maratek has recognized these issues and put its 50+ years of engineering and manufacturing experience into the cannabis industry to provide equipment for the entire process, eliminating these issues.

Maratek EV Cannabis Extraction Equipment

Maratek’s EV line, EV-M Commercial Cannabis Extractor, EV-I KG Industrial Cannabis Extractor, has been engineered to maximize extraction yields while excelling in engineered automation. Our uptime guarantees utilize our secure remote troubleshooting technology and the ability to dispatch a technician within 24 hours if your equipment needs on-site service. Plus, we offer lifetime remote service at no extra cost.

Maratek provides top of the line Cryogenic Ethanol Extraction equipment for small to extremely large industrial-scale operations. Whether you are processing 50 pounds per day or looking at building an industrial turnkey extraction facility, Maratek has you covered. With over 50 years of engineering and manufacturing experience, Maratek has brought its innovative equipment to the Cannabis industry. OERS equipment performs three steps in one automatic process. Bulk ethanol recovery, final ethanol recovery and decarboxylation are performed a single automatic process with minimal operator time needed.

Try to determine how crowded the space is for the type of business you want to start. This factor can work against you or for you. A more crowded space means more competition but also more established rules around how to operate.

Cannabis is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world today, forecast to expand at a rate of 25-35% per year. There’s a lot of upside — if you can keep up. Like few in history, any new cannabis business has to be ready to grow from day one. You want to get in quickly but smartly. If super-fast growth is not something you’re interested in then you’d better make up for it in efficiency so you can keep your prices competitive as more players enter the market. Because they will enter.

Creams and gels

And with our new Real-Time Winterization™ technology, your lab can completely eliminate the use of ethanol, and may not need expensive and time-consuming post-processing buildout or equipment, massively lowering CapEx and OpEx burdens.

How do I intend to scale the business?

If you thought “CBD” was the product, think again. It’s merely the compound you’re targeting as the active ingredient in the final product you or your customer will sell. We have clients who’ve installed an SFE Pro in a souped-up shipping container to process third-party firms’ biomass, and others with large labs and multiple retail dispensaries where they sell their own product that they extract themselves. Here are just some of the products you could make in your extraction lab with the oil that comes out of the SFE Pro:

Crystals or Sheets

How do I intend to scale the business?

What are the laws and market conditions in the state where I will operate?

Crude oil (straight from the machine with no refinement)

Get your plan in place, find the financing, and then contact us. We can help you with a lot of the business details, but you have to have the basics on paper to get the full benefit of our expertise.