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cbd experience reddit

Cbd experience reddit

I use it for the same issues and I find it works pretty well. The key is using it consistently enough to maintain a sustained level in your system which makes it more effective.

Doesn't work for me in any form

I honestly don’t notice anything when I take it. I’ve used the oil and vaped it too. I kinda feel slightly relaxed as I’m smoking it but that feeling goes away rapidly once I stop smoking it. Other uses of the oil has done pretty much nothing noticeable for me at all. I prefer it have thc in it

I inadvertently discovered it helped me with insomnia of the type where you wake up in the middle of the night and can't get back to sleep. Also helped reduce anxiety.

My mum used to really struggle with back pain as she has a job where she's on her feet all day. She was skeptical at first but after taking them regularly she said the difference is night and day.

i like it. it's not a miracle oil that spontaneously erases your pain away. more so it just kinda calms the muscles is that makes any sense. definitely helps me sleep longer at night

Didn't do shit for me. Shame because I wanna do something about my cortisol levels. (Suspect they're high)

helps both my mom and sister sleep. We gave it to our dog after spinal surgery last year and he seemed to like it better than some of the harder pain drugs.

Amazing! Increase the dose if you don't feel/see any benefits

Cbd experience reddit

Now this is me speculating, and I don't even know if this is even related—I came across an old photo of me from my senior year of high school, and my hair was amazing—the thickest and fullest ever in my entire life. After thinking about it, I remembered that around that time I was basically a complete pothead (lol!) and would smoke at least 5 nights a week, so I wonder if there is in fact some relation to the components of marijuana and hair growth?

Joint Pain

I started taking CBD oil about three months ago, using 3 drops of CBDistillery's 250mg 15ml Full Spectrum CBD Tincture under my tongue once a day.

There is only one negative thing I have noticed so far, and really it only happens when I don't take the CBD oil for 2+ days in a row. I noticed when I do skip a couple of days, I start getting a pretty consistent headache. This is not even close to a migraine or anything. almost similar to like caffeine-withdrawal. It persists for a couple of hours until I take one ibuprofen and that makes it go away.

Before starting CBD, about a day after I would work out a certain muscle group, I would feel it SO MUCH. Sometimes to the point where I would skip workout days because it hurt to move the muscle at all. Now I do not really notice any muscle pain, but I know I am still pushing my workouts as I am able to steadily increase my weight and I am looking more "fit" than I ever had before.

About me: Healthy BMI, mid-30s, female, no chronic health issues, only take prescription BC, do not usually take any OTC medication, work out

I never had really bad anxiety before where it affects my everyday life, but there are times when I get caught up about stupid things and can't stop worrying about them. Before CBD when this would happen, I noticed it would start to cause my chest and stomach to have some tightness and pain too. But recently I am noticing that when I start to get anxiety about something, it kind of stays up in my head and doesn't affect my body response as much. Does that make sense to anyone?