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cbd essential oil diffuser

Oil diffusers and aromatherapy have been around for thousands of years, but both have experienced a surge of popularity in recent years. Diffusing natural essential oils into the air is thought by many people to have powerful medicinal effects. But essential oils aren’t the only ones that can brighten up a room — ever since CBD oil rose to national prominence, people have been putting it in their diffusers.

The Different Types of Oil Diffusers

But do CBD oil diffusers actually work?

Nebulizing Diffusers

Evaporative diffusers rely on an internal fan mechanism, which blows air through a filter which contains the CBD oil. The air being blown this way causes the oil to evaporate more quickly than it would normally, and it is released back into the room in the air.

Tranquil: This essential oil blend will leave you alert, yet relaxed with a harmonious combination of floral and sweet citrus scents. CBD oil enhances these benefits and promotes well-being.

Directions: Use with an ultrasonic or fan diffuser to enjoy aromatherapy with enhanced benefits. Other suggested uses include *topical application, *bath additive and more.

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Sleep: This floral and herbal essential oil blend promotes relaxation, peace and restful sleep. CBD oil enhances these benefits and promotes well-being.

*Properly dilute essential oil before applying topically or adding into your bath water. For dilution rates and additional information visit: sparoom/essential-oil-use