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cbd energise

Cbd energise

Our Isodrop CBD Oils use 100% natural flavours, ingredients and contain 0% THC. Designed for sublingual (under the tongue) consumption with high bioavailability, meaning they are rapidly absorbed by the body. More than just CBD.

What is CBD?

Dosage per serving: 16.7mg CBD / 3.33mg natural caffeine

Suggested use

A morning essential! Our Energise CBD Oil retains all the goodness of CBD while benefitting from added natural caffeine to give you a morning boost or enhanced focus during the day. A high quality vegan friendly supplement in delicious fruit Cherry flavour.

Cbd energise

Energise CBD Oil has been formulated by experts to help you feel uplifted, alert and energetic. This product contains a range of natural terpenes and herbal extracts hand-picked for their energy-boosting effects. Some of these terpenes are also believed to ease anxiety, boost brain function and improve fertility. Make this premium CBD oil part of your self-care journey today.

Other ingredients of this premium CBD oil include terpenes such as eucalyptol (anti-inflammatory), alpha phellandrene (a staple of Eastern medicine noted for its antibacterial and antifungal effects) and terpineol (antioxidant, anticancer and antiulcer properties).

Our Energise CBD oil contains a premium blend of natural terpenes and herbal extracts designed to support physical and mental energy levels. Give your exercise routine a natural boost or simply bring more alertness to your daily activities with this unique formula, created to uphold performance, focus and recovery.

Contains terpenes and herbs

The natural herbal extracts in our Energise CBD Oil include ashwagandha and maca root, two supplements believed to have multiple health benefits. Maca root, which comes from a plant native to Peru, is traditionally used to boost fertility and sex drive. Studies have indicated it could have benefits for people experiencing erectile dysfunction. Other benefits of maca root include improved energy and stamina, while ashwagandha has similar properties. This evergreen plant found in India and the Middle East is also used to reduce anxiety and enhance brain function.

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