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cbd edibles miami

Cbd edibles miami

Yes. Some people report drowsiness, appetite loss, diarrhea, and irritability. Other side effects are more serious. The FDA says some studies suggest CBD products can cause liver injury and may affect fertility in men. The agency also warns again using any cannabis product during pregnancy or while breastfeeding.

For more information, visit the Florida Department of Health.

People use CBD oil or other forms for a variety of reasons. Products appear to ease chronic pain, help with sleeplessness, and tamp down anxiety and depression. However, beware of unproven claims that tout CBD as a treatment for diabetes, cancer, even Alzheimer’s.

With that in mind, here’s a handy primer if you’re considering CBD edibles, oils, or ointments.

How can I ensure a safe experience?

Unfortunately, the lack of regulation complicates a consumer’s ability to understand what he’s ingesting. In the past, for example, studies have detected a compound called 5F-ADB in CBD vaping liquids. Usually found in illegal synthetic marijuana, it can trigger adverse effects, like paranoia and panic attacks and has been linked to emergency room admissions, even death. Other labs have discovered pesticides, heavy metals, and microbial contamination — obviously ingredients that would not be listed on a label.

Broadly speaking, there are three. CBD isolate is the purest. It contains only CBD. Broad-spectrum CBD includes other cannabis plant chemicals but no THC. Full-spectrum CBD has THC.

On the federal level, CBD is legal across the United States. It must contain no more than .3% THC. The same is true in Florida, which allows the use of medical marijuana. However, medical marijuana, unlike CBD, is tightly regulated. Only physicians who are specially trained and pass an examination can prescribe it for a narrow list of conditions. Patients must apply for a medical marijuana card. Recreational marijuana is not legal in Florida.


What’s more, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration does not regulate over-the-counter CBD. In the current climate, this means the best approach may be caveat emptor or buyer beware.

Thousands of cannabidiol (CBD) products are now available to the average consumer, some of them online, others at dispensaries that have cropped up all over town. However, despite this popularity, CBD remains a mystery for the average consumer.

CBD isn’t as mysterious as it sounds. Also known as cannabidiol, it’s one of many compounds found in the cannabis plant, which is why folks often lump it in with marijuana. It’s certainly not, though. CBD does not induce any of the psychoactive effects we normally associate with smoking weed. This is because, while both are found in the cannabis plant, CBD and THC (the stuff that makes you feel funky) are separate compounds. CBD is legal in Florida now that we (technically) have medical marijuana.

Yesterday, I tried one of Courtney’s Chill Out cookies. I popped the vegan, gluten-free cookie into my mouth around noon as my slightly nervous editor looked on, wondering what sort of bizarre content was about to come from my keyboard. The cookie was quite tasty—moist, soft and sweet without giving me a jumpy sugar rush. After about 25 minutes, the Chill Out began to do its job. CBD effects everyone differently and placebo is always a possibility, but I’ll be darned if a slight euphoria didn’t wash over me, helping ease the usual stress of a Monday afternoon—plus the added stress of trying to book an appointment for my in-heat kitten, Potato, to be spayed. It was a cozy sensation. I felt a bit like I was being hugged from the inside by a polite creature made of blankets. I suspect I had a dumb look on my face, though it’s hard to say if that is cookie-related or not.

Not to be left behind, local Miami baker Courtney Kohout of Courtney’s Cookies has something up her sleeve: two special CBD-infused cookies, the “Chill Out” and “Nighty Night.”

Creativity is a requirement if you want to survive in Miami’s dessert game. Taiyaki Miami is luring Instagram-hungry customers with adorable fish cones and unicorn floats. St. Roch Market stuffs its vegan matcha soft-serve into a little coconut and over in the Design District Soraya Kilgore is treating her sweets like small-scale science experiments at MadLab Creamery.

CBD has become a darling of the growing wellness industry, a soon to be billion dollar industry by some estimates. Like most buzzy remedies without an extensive body of scientific studies under its belt, CBD is attributed to providing relief from a whole host of things. There is some good evidence that forms of CBD can actually help treat epileptic seizures. Others claim it has helped treat chronic pain, anxiety, insomnia and nausea among other things.

“We wanted to infuse our cookies with CBD because it perfectly aligns with our core values around health and wellness,” says Kohout. “I definitely feel the effects from both our Chill Out (25mg CBD) and Nighty Night (50mg CBD; 3mg melatonin) cookies. They do exactly what their names suggest.”

I don’t know many desserts that can do that and still taste good. I certainly plan on having another of Courtney’s Cookies next time I find myself in the all-too-common ven diagram of hunger and anxiety, which, now that I think about it, seems to happen to me quite often. Oh, man. I think I need another cookie.