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cbd dutch treat

Cbd dutch treat

Considered an easy strain to grow, CB Dutch Treat can be cultivated successfully either indoors or outside. All the seeds are completely feminized, guaranteeing only female plants and removing the need for sexing.

CB Dutch Treat is a feminized medical marijuana strain with the highest CBD – THC ratio available through us. A potent medicinal strain, comprising of largely Sativa dominant genetics, made from Azura and Amnesia Haze. A great choice for both indoor and outdoor planting, perfect for beginners and more seasoned growers alike. If you’re looking for an easy-growing, heavy yielding plant, this medical marijuana strain has it all.

Grown outdoors the plants will flower naturally as the daylight hours reduce over the season. While indoor growers should reduce their lights to a 12/12 ratio to induce flowering, with the plants requiring between 9 – 10 weeks to achieve peak maturity.

CB Dutch Treat has been created purely for medical marijuana users with a 2:1 ratio. THC is reduced to as little as 4%, while the CBD content is increased to 8%, making it the most powerful natural source available through us.

CB Dutch Treat is the perfect choice for medical marijuana growers looking for a Sativa dominant strain. With its rich CBD content, and low THC level it maximizes its therapeutic values, while generating a modest, happy feeling and calm sensations.

Medical strains reduce the THC and elevate the CBD levels, reducing the euphoric effects and enhancing the medicinal values.

Yields are good, with the plants generating around 500 grams of spicy, pine-flavored buds per square meter when grown indoors, and similar ‘per-plant’ harvests when grown over an entire season outside. The plants can grow tall, easily achieving 1.5 meters, with indoor growers using techniques such as staking, topping and bending to control any height issues.

Cbd dutch treat

Anyone with an iota of marijuana knowledge is aware of the famed Amsterdam coffee shop scene. Yet people are always amazed that weed is technically illegal in these shops. It is merely a case of police turning a blind eye! In any case, the Dutch Treat strain, as the name suggests, has become a staple of these locations. It is also now regularly seen in North American dispensaries.

What Is the Dutch Treat Strain?

This is yet another popular medicinal strain. Even though Dutch Treat is potent, its effects have a slow onset. They typically come in smoothly rather than making you feel as if you have been hit with a steam train. Dutch Treat consumers say that it helps them to relax and unwind. This strain is said to help relieve physical, mental, and even emotional tension.

Dutch Treat Effects

Remember, these medical benefits are purely anecdotal. Therefore, if you are thinking about consuming Dutch Treat to alleviate the symptoms of your particular condition, you must discuss this with your medical professional beforehand.