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cbd drops for horses

Cbd drops for horses

No, your horses will not get high even if you give them the most potent CBD concentration or even overdose them with these products. The reason for this is thanks to the low levels of the THC content of all of the products on this list.

The company also offers fast and free shipping on orders above $100, so it also provides a great deal of value to its customers, and a lot of customer reports speak positively about the brand and the product itself.

It’s also a full-spectrum CBD oil that contains multiple cannabinoids and a THC level of less than 0.3% THC, so it’s non-psychoactive. Thanks to rigorous testing by third-party labs so it won’t pose any negative side effects and cause serious health issues.

PetHemp CBD Oil

Green Flower Botanicals Equine Support is one of the best full-spectrum CBD oil on this list when it comes to potency. It boasts a concentration of up to 14,400mg of CBD potency in a single bottle, which amounts to a CBD content of 120 mg per ml making every one of its drops a lifesaver when it comes to dealing with pain.

Aside from this, they also have a decent amount of concentration variety as well as their products have CBD oil for animals and equines ranging from 450 mg up to 14,400 mg! Of course, they aren’t lacking in product variety as well as they also sell CBD oil for people, CBD topical, CBD gummies, and many more.

Of course, the studies don’t just cover humans in general but also animals. When it comes to CBD for horse research, there have been some studies. One study in particular shows that CBD the pain-relieving effects of CBD can help horses [2] suffering from chronic pain recover. Although the treatment protocol isn’t very clear it still shows the potential of CBD in helping horses deal with chronic pain.

CBD Massage Oil for Horses

What separates Honest Paws CBD Oil Wellness from other equine cannabidiol products is that it doesn’t just rely on the benefits of CBD but also contains other ingredients like eucalyptol, limonene that promote overall wellness.

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Cbd drops for horses

960 drops per 30ml bottle

Regulatory systems — like the immune or nervous system — are your horse’s first-line-of-defense against disease, infections, stress, you name it. But all of those things can severely wear those systems down, leading to several health issues.

100% MCT Oil Free

What is CBD oil for horses?

Before we move on, let’s go over why we should rethink the word cannabis. Both hemp and marijuana are cannabis plants with the same compounds, however, they occur in different ratios. As such cannabis doesn’t always equal a psychoactive high. While all cannabis plants have therapeutic benefits, Hemp lacks THC making it safe and non-intoxicating for pets.

Hemp oil does not contain cannabinoids like CBD like the other extracts, but it does contain beneficial omega fatty acids and antioxidants that help cardiovascular, immune, and skin health. As well, it’s completely safe and extremely beneficial to horses.

Is There A Difference In Hemp Oil And CBD Oil?

960 drops per 30ml bottle

Average Tier Single Dose (0.068 mg/lb or 0.15 mg/kg):