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Last week, Robinson held a tasting event in Columbus’ Short North salon location to give Penzone customers and staff an opportunity to try the product. W*nder will be available for customers at the salon cafes for five dollars a can.

CBD is an extract of the cannabis or hemp plant that’s been gaining in popularity since changes in federal and state law made it’s use legal. Unlike it’s fellow extract THC, it has no psychoactive properties.

Robinson hopes not only to have a product that grows along with the industry, but also allows her to give back and lift others up.

“CBD beverages are really really new in the industry, but CBD isn’t that new, says Robinson. “So I think a lot more people are learning about CBD.”

“Anecdotally, people take CBD for anxiety for inflammation and it’s a great antioxidant,” said Robinson. “And, beverages are a really easy delivery mechanism for people that want to experience CBD in a very precise dosage.”

“All of our beverages have 20 milligrams CBD isolate, no THC and 25 calories,” says Robinson.

W*nder is a naturally-flavored sparkling beverage, it is infused with vitamins and CBD,” says the drink’s creator, Tanisha Robinson. “We’ve got four unique flavors and formulations, under the idea that we want people to wonder all day.”

“We’re very excited to join in the community and help others succeed,” says Charles Penzone Salon Director Allye Blankenship. “CBD is very popular right now and I think being able to infuse that into all of our cafes and our social bars in all the locations is very exciting for our guests.”

We get that life can be hectic, stressful, and noisy. The daily grind brings more than a few challenges and we easily find ourselves off-balance, offside and off-center.

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CENTR is a non-alcoholic, CBD infused, functional better beverage that gives you the moments to find clarity in everyday life.

Online store coming soon!


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