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cbd dosage reddit

Cbd dosage reddit

Since this is r/hempflowers it's safe to assume most of us are smoking/vaping hemp flowers! For the sake of averages lets say we are all puffing/vaping on 18% CBD flower and a standard session is 0.3 grams (about a bowl pack). That bowl pack contains a potential of 54mg of CBD. Now, based on numbers I've seen (using the book "Healing with CBD" as a reference) smoking/vaping has a bioavailability of between 17% and 44%. Lets take the mean and say 31%. So that 0.3 gram bowl pack of 18% CBD flower provides your body and brain with

As I've gotten into making my own tincture/cannaoil with flower trim and running numbers to figure out approximate dosing its struck me that the doses we commonly see recommend for ingesting CBD as a role of administration (i.e. 20mg, 30mg, etc.) are really low. Now don't get me wrong, I'm a firm believer that introducing cannabinoids into the body even on the microdose level has countless health benefits, more or less what I'm talking about however is therapeutic dosing of CBD for things like anxiety/stress relief, mood boost, pain relief, sleep, etc., i.e. what most of us here are probably using CBD for.

This coincides rather accurately to my personal experience with consuming CBD via ingestion, which I love due to the long duration of effect, among other aspects I find unique to ingestion from smoking/vaping, I really don't start to feel it until I hit a dose of around 120mg-150mg or so. Again, I believe there are a plethora of health aspects to consuming say a 20mg dose via ingestion but dosing for effect one should really be going much higher IMO.

17mg of CBD. nice!

Now, lets compare to oral consumption of CBD via ingestion where bioavailability is stated to be much lower, between 6% and 15%. Again, taking the mean, we'll say 11%. Therefor consuming the same amount (54mg) of CBD orally your body is actually only able to utilize a mere 6mg of the CBD! The dose of CBD one would need to ingest orally in order for 17mg of CBD to be active in the body like our in bowl pack example about would be a whopping 187mg!

This post might be more fitting for r/CBD but hopefully it can stay here as I generally find people in this sub more knowledgeable.

Some numbers I've ran that I figured I'd share with you fine folks:

Cbd dosage reddit

Have you searched for 'CBD price comparison' to get an idea of the going rate for the different methods of consumption?

Yeah I take a pretty high dose myself. 66mg maybe 3 times a day, sometimes 4. It just be like that sometimes.

The first few times I took it I dosed 200mg at once because I thought it would make me feel like I’m on Xanax if I did that. No need to tell me it doesn’t work like that, I know.

Some folks get nothing out of CBD unless they smoke flower. Others are blown away by small amounts of isolate. You've found out that eating isolate takes a bunch to get anything out of it. Maybe it's time to experiment with other methods of ingestion. May i suggest getting a small bottle of full spec tincture (if drug testing isn't an issue) off a company on the vetted list sticked as the top post?

What form of CBD are you using?

Never heard of isolate but I’ll definitely look into it. You might think I’m crazy but vaping and smoking flower actually makes my anxiety worse. It makes me feel like I’m on THC when I do which is why I don’t smoke weed: it gives me crippling anxiety. I’ve tried many different brands.

Scientific studies shows 150-600mg of cbd is required to help social anxiety and insomnia.

So that’s probably why you need that much. You’re not like the countless other people on this sub who get a placebo from 10mg of cbd.

Isolate or any type of CBD product you vape or smoke will give you immediate relief, as it is the most bio-available way to receive CBD. Hopefully you will notice a greater affect sooner after taking it. You can even put isolate on top of food! But I would double check with the CBD company about the concentration of the product and the actual ingredients.