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cbd distillate machine

With over 20 years of engineering experience, Spectrum Technology has brought its extensive knowledge into the hemp and medical cannabis industry to set a new standard in biomass processing throughout the UK and Europe. Our partners include leading and highly-respected industry professionals from North America, including Maratek, Chemtech Services Inc. and Evolved Extraction, enabling us to provide robust, high quality, CE-Marked and GMP-compliant equipment whilst still being able to provide localised service and support.

From Cryogenic Ethanol Extraction, Oil & Ethanol Recovery Systems, Ethanol Dewatering/Reproofing and Oil Distillation Systems, Spectrum can provide the end-to-end solution for your hemp, medical cannabis and other botanicals extraction facility.

So if you are looking to produce high-quality CBD oil or THC oil, contact us today to see how Spectrum can help your extraction business grow.

Root Sciences’ VTA distillation plants are specifically intended for the processing of cannabis and hemp crude oil. Designed and manufactured in Germany, our cannabis distillation equipment is expertly engineered to produce a distillate that can be used in a wide variety of products commonly found on the market today.

Root Sciences has a wealth of experience working with our suppliers and manufacturers to tailor equipment specifically to the hemp and cannabis industries, with honest and accurate throughput/yield rates that reflect that.

For Root Sciences, the sale is just the beginning, as we aim to nurture a long-term partnership with all of our clients. After delivering and installing the equipment, our training and after-sales support are where we really add value. This is where our in-house knowledge and experience become so crucial, as we will have everything set up and running efficiently from day one.