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cbd distillate europe

Cbd distillate europe

Instructions for use:

Pre-rolled CBD joint Caramel available in 0,5g or 1g. Sweet caramel taste with earthy undertones.

Pre-rolled CBD joint OG Kush available in 0,5g or 1g. Strong and unique aroma – slightly citrusy with petrol undertones.

Our potent full-spectrum distillate combined with CCELL’s unique vaping technology creates the perfect combination for an everyday CBD experience and inhalation.

Product detailed description

The base is Fullspectrum distillate obtained by supercritical CO2 extraction with 55% CBD. It is a 100% natural product. It does not contain any PG, VG or MCT!

The icon of pocket rechargeable vaporizers with 550mAh capacity. Compatible with 510 thread cartridges

Available in several variants:

Dried and cured CBD flowers of the feminized OG Kush available in 1g, 3g or 5g. Strong and unique aroma – slightly citrusy with petrol undertones.

After unpacking and opening the package, remove the silicone protective covers from the mouthpiece and thread. Then screw the glass cartridge and mouthpiece into the vaporizer pen (battery). The inhaler will start automatically when you take a puff – at the same time the indicator light on the end of the pen (battery) will light up.

Cbd distillate europe

Just give us a call and ask for the TryPharma code. Apply this code and we give you a free sample with every type of product you buy.

We have developed and created CBD products for treatment and symptom management in some of the key processes of the human body. Think of eating, sleeping, forgetting (trauma), and protecting the immune system. Cannabinoids have strong effects on the neural system, but also offer anti-inflammatory and inhibitory benefits, without hallucinatory effects. This is the main difference between THC and many other cannabinoids. Explore some of our creations below and discover more about the wholesome effects of cannabinoids.

Every order is insured by Route Shipping Insurance against any financial risk. New orders will be placed or refunds paid within 5 business days.

Free Sample

At Pharmabinoid, we offer high-quality medically certified cannabinoids to our partners and experts around the world. Our goal is to create an alternative to traditional pharmacology treatments with the sanative possibilities of cannabinoids at its core. To reach this, we offer bulk CBD products but also wholesale private label solutions. Explore the possibilities on our website.

We offer Soil Enhancement products improve your own grown while saving on water. We offer seeds so you know you have genetics that produce the results you’re after. If you do not want to work on the field but are looking for finished flowers or biomass for extraction, we are there for you! Let us know if you are looking for someone to extract your biomass as a service. And of course if you need the finished extracts, like crude paste, refined pastes, distillates or isolates, just have a look on our website or contact us. We also offer to develop and produce the finished consumer products for you and ship it to you or your retailers directly via drop shipping. Reach out to our Technical Sales Team to get started!

We have a 30 Day return policy, so you have enough time to test or let the sample be tested. After, you can decide if you want to partner with us.

What we do

We test all our products for purity and consistency through third party laboratories to ensure products of the highest quality. If you would like more information about our research and development as a producer and distributor of CBD isolates, oils, edibles, and many more, please contact us. We are more than happy to think along with you to create a turnkey CBD solution for your company.

Cbd distillate europe

A staple product within the cannabis industry and easy to source. We have a wide range of CBD distillate oil options from our trusted suppliers. Get in touch to see how we can help.

if you are looking to create a trusted supply chain of bulk cannabis products for your business then you have come to the right place. We can source many different cannabis product types from bulk CBD isolate to EU GMP CBD distillate, you name it we can supply it. Our supply chain is varied, which allows us to offer you a wide range of bulk cannabis products. See below for the list of cannabis products we can provide in bulk:

Being able to offer EU GMP certified CBD isolate in bulk is a very rare thing indeed. So get in touch today if this you need help sourcing CBD isolate today.

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CBD distillate