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cbd distillate denver

Cbd distillate denver

BROOMFIELD, Colo. — With the CBD industry expected to soon top a billion dollars, companies in Colorado and nationwide are making huge investments in hemp cultivation and CBD production. Nowhere is that more evident than Mile High Labs recent purchase of a 400,000-square-foot facility in Broomfield.

Mile High Labs is among several companies and agencies that are actively pushing for FDA regulation. Representatives from the company recently traveled to Washington D.C. to meet with Colorado’s congressional delegation to urge them to push for a speedy process.

“We strongly feel in order for this industry to thrive we need strong regulations that are based in quality, compliance, testing and adherence to protocols,” Lackner said.

Sacred Seed Terp Trials Vol. IV
Grand Champions, Fat Albert

2019 Rooster 710 Showdown
2nd Place, Shatter (Item 9, Options Dispensary)
3rd Place, Distillate (Dreamsicle)

2020 Rooster THC Classic
1st Place, Shatter (Cap Hill Kush by Options)
2nd Place, Wax (Bio Chem by Options)
3rd Place, Flash Frozen (Platinum Bubble Jack)

2018 Rooster 710 Showdown
1st Place, Flavored Vape (Dreamsicle)

2020 Hemp Connoisseur Championship
1st Place, “People’s Choice” & “Connoisseur’s Choice” Shatter (Jack Flash)
2nd Place, Premium Category (Platinum Hell’s Motorbreath)