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cbd distillate cartridge

Cbd distillate cartridge

The Entourage Effect
The cannabis plant produces an incredible variety of compounds: cannabinoids, including THC and CBD; aromatic, flavorful terpenes; and flavonoids (phytonutrients found in fruits and vegetables). “The ‘high’ you get comes from a symphony of elements: all of the cannabinoids and flavonoids, working together with all of the terpenes,” Samari says. The synergy of all those compounds interacting in your brain and body when you smoke a joint, or vape live resin, is known as the “entourage effect.”

Some customers choose weed like a teenager shops for liquor — based on alcohol by volume, Samari says, buying whatever has the highest level of THC (the cannabinoid that gets you “high”). But packing a high THC punch doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best product.

“People who aren’t educated think that distillate delivers the ‘knockout punch,’” says Samari. “But in all reality, the entourage effect will give you a more intense high.”


In stark contrast to distillate, live resin is extracted by freezing and processing live cannabis flower. It’s a delicate process that preserves the aromatic terpenes as well as the cannabinoids for a naturally flavorful extract. If you think of distillate as the weed version of Everclear, then live resin is sort of like a biodynamic pinot noir — you can taste every bit of the plant, what it was fed, how it was grown. Or, more accurately, cannabis expert Jordan Lams says, “If live resin is the peppermint plant, distillate is extracted and refined peppermint oil.”

Lams uses a different metaphor: “The way I always describe it is, and this might be cheesy, but you’re using every part of the buffalo. You can take nearly any garbage and make it into something useful. Parts of the plant that people would historically throw away can now be turned into value, at a price point that anyone can afford.”

At a mass-marketing level, distillate is more widely available because it can be processed cheaply from cannabis trim, which is considered “trash material” by true cannabis lovers. “You’ll hear people referring to distillate as ‘hot dog water,’” says Samari.

Meet the Weed Nuns: Our Ladies of the Perpetual High

Manufacturers often add terpenes back to THC distillate after it’s been purified to its super-potent form, usually using plant-based terpenes to mimic the flavor of weed. “You can buy a bottle of ‘Maui Wowie’ flavor, where they’ve combined a bunch of plant-based terpenes like myrcene from mango, and limonene from citrus,” says Samari. “It’s marketed as what they think Maui Wowie tastes and smells like.” But since those terpenes aren’t actually from cannabis, it’s impossible to get the flavor profile exactly right. Have you ever eaten something “strawberry-flavored” that really tastes like strawberries?

THC distillate is extracted from cannabis using a liquid solvent, often ethanol or pressurized CO2, and then hyper-purified through a process known as winterization. In that process, the distillate is stripped of impurities, including the chemical compounds that give cannabis its flavor and aroma: terpenes. Terpenes exist in a variety of plants, but in cannabis, they help steer the high.

Cbd distillate cartridge

The duration of a CBD vape cartridge depends entirely on cartridge size, user, and how much they consume. Usually, a 700MG cartridge can provide 200+ draws or doses, at about 2-4 seconds per draw. The average lifespan based on user feedback and reviews from our customers seems to be about 2 weeks with consistent daily use. Still, some users report cartridges lasting up to a month or longer.

Crystallization simply means a cartridge is too potent and has to-high a percentage of CBD. Most CBD oils will naturally crystalize at concentrations above 60%. Our oil is extracted to a precise potency and ratio, remaining in its natural liquid state. Overall, there is nothing wrong or unsafe with crystallization. Still, it does make a cartridge harder to use. It can be frustrating for the consumer, requiring an extended heating period to constantly liquefy the CBD with every use for adequate vaping. Higher strengths can also result in a harsher and more irritating experience for your throat, i.e., not a smooth hit.

Like smoking good CBD flower, vaping CBD oil provides users with quicker and more substantial effects, but more discreetly due to the lack of actual combustion/smoke. CBD vape pens also contain higher levels of terpenes and cannabinoids when compared to flowers due to them being a concentrated form of the flower. CBD vapes are also slightly easier to consume because they produce vapor and not smoke, which is less harsh on the throat and lungs. They are also much easier to transport and offer more discretion than flower products.

How does CBD vape make you feel?

CBD vape will usually provide a much quicker and more potent effect and is associated with stronger feelings of relaxation and euphoria when compared to CBD capsules, tinctures, gummy’s, or anything ingested orally. This is because vaporization allows the CBD to enter the bloodstream instantly and avoid being diluted by the digestive tract, which can significantly reduce the effectiveness of CBD products. CBD flower and vape are actually the most efficient and effective ways to consume CBD and other cannabinoids.

Although it is not required, we highly recommend using our branded battery with your cartridge. These batteries are designed explicitly for our cartridges and oil, meant to be used at low and high-temperature settings depending on user preference. Using other batteries may not provide the best results and experience.

By default, no, but you can add a battery & charger separately to any vape cart order. This helps reduce waste for those who already have batteries. A CBD vape pen usually contains a battery (pen), while a cartridge is simply the hardware that houses the extract and requires attaching a battery for use.

What is the difference between a vape cartridge and a disposable?

Although there is no absolute answer to this question since every individual is different, we recommend taking multiple 2-4 second draws and waiting 5 minutes to gauge the effects when vaping any type of CBD or cannabis oil. We believe the best way to use CBD vape cartridges is to draw on the device until you feel the desired effects and then wait until the effects wear off and continue use as needed. Based on user reviews and calculations, anywhere from 10-20mg of CBD and other cannabinoids/terpenes are ingested when taking multiple 2-4 second draws of our CBD live-resin vape.

This means that as soon as we harvest cannabis plants, we flash freeze them to preserve the terpenes and resins in their fresh state, as they were when the plant was alive. This makes our product genuinely taste like cannabis, giving a more pronounced flavor, aroma, and effect. Live resin has quickly become to most preferred extract in most cannabis markets due to these desirable traits.