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cbd derived from hops

Cbd derived from hops

Scientists, however, are questioning the authenticity of that discovery.

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Isodiol International Inc., is currently selling a product called ImmunAG, marketed as a dietary supplement containing “bioactive CBD derived from humulus”, the scientific name of the hop plant. Hops, the flowers of the hop plant, are most commonly known for their use as a flavouring agent in beer.

“The legal landscape tends to be focused on two things — does the product originate from any kind of cannabis, and does the product contact THC,” says Hussey. “That’s what makes hops-derived CBD so great, it is none of that.”

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has even approved a CBD-based epilepsy medication, but it seems likely that the price of this drug will be exponentially higher than other commercially-available CBD products. There are currently several different bills circulating in Congress that would authorize most forms of CBD federally by way of legalizing hemp, protecting states’ rights to legalize marijuana, or by completely legalizing cannabis nationwide, but conservative Republicans have been finding ways to block all avenues of cannabis reform.

Peak Health Foundation just unveiled Real Scientific Humulus Oil (RHSO-K), a CBD oil derived from a new strain of the humulus plant. Humulus is a variety of hop, not cannabis or hemp, and hence this oil is entirely legal in the U.S.. Dr. Bomi Joseph, director of Peak Health, discovered the plant in the Silk Road region of India. Although hop plants do not traditionally contain cannabinoids, this particular variety of humulus has naturally cross-pollinated with wild cannabis, leading to some humulus strains with high concentrations of CBD and even THC.

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