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cbd dental studio

Cbd dental studio

Dental anxiety affects a high percentage of adults. Through high-tier communication and more time with each of our patients, we can facilitate a calmer and more comfortable care environment that earns your trust for years to come.

Your experience and health are our top priorities. We combine accessible care with a reputation for quality. In our comfortable environment, you’ll know you’re in capable hands. The trustworthy relationships we develop with you as our patient help to ensure a relaxing experience during each appointment.

Being educated about your oral health empowers you with the knowledge necessary to dictate control your own dental care plan. It’s our belief that each person plays a direct role in determining their own needs. We work with you side-by-side to help you understand the treatment options available and allow you to select the treatments and services you’d like to achieve your smile goals.

Brisbane CBD Dental Clinic prides itself in general, cosmetic and comprehensive dentistry delivered in a comfortable environment. As we strive for the highest quality care, we build upon relationships developed with each of our patients. We want to get to know you as an individual — help you achieve your smile goals and address your oral health needs.

Providing Comfortable Care for Anxious Patients

If you’re in pain or need emergency care, contact us straightaway. For after-hours emergencies, email us with “emergency” in the subject line and our principal dentist will contact you as quickly as possible.

Why We’re Different

Cbd dental studio

From distancing and automatic hand sanitiser dispensers to warm textures and soft music, your safety and comfort are important to us. We endeavor to ensure a calm experience that puts your priorities and needs first.

A Clean, Comfortable Atmosphere

The services we provide include:

Services We Offer

Have you ever felt as if you’re rushed in-and-out of a dental office? We do things differently. Additional time is scheduled into each appointment to ensure we have time to connect with and educate each patient during their treatment. By focusing on the person in front of us, we can ensure the best experience possible.

Cbd dental studio

Looking for a friendly dentist? First Dental Studio has been known for providing excellent dental care in our community for decades. Dr Vincent Wan and Dr Allen Wan offer a broad range of dental services at our modern, comfortable practice:

Keeping Your Dental Care Convenient

At First Dental Studio we use the latest technology for your benefit to make each procedure as simple and quick as possible. We can help you to feel more confident with a straighter smile, offering a range of clear aligner options to suit your budget. Ask a dentist Brisbane CBD about ClearPath™, Quick Straight Teeth™ and Invisalign® Invisible Braces. We also offer personalised services for those experiencing sleep apnoea and clenching/grinding issues.

It’s never too late to start oral health!

Our experienced and knowledgeable team enjoy seeing the transformation that patients go through when they see a smile that they’re proud to show off. The location of our practice is convenient for people working in the city as well as those living in the CBD. We see all ages, from children to adults, busy city professionals, language school students and seniors.