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cbd denmark

If a cannabis product is intended to be used for prevention or treatment of a disease, it may thus be covered by the presentation criteria of the medicinal product definition (cf. section 2 (i)(a) of the Danish Medicines Act). Some CBD products are marketed as being good for illness, such as pain or cramps, while others are recommended to maintain health.

A medicinal product means any product that

Have upper and lower limits been set for CBD content in the products?

Marketing of CBD-containing medicines in Denmark

The Danish Medicines Agency’s key tasks are to authorise and supervise pharmaceutical companies and medicines and to monitor the manufacture, import, distribution and marketing of medicines.

Cbd denmark

The Agency must evaluate the concentration of active substances (including THC) in a CBD product in order to confirm that it’s not medicine.

However, under the Danish Medicines Agency and the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration, CBD is a subject of several regulations.

Before the amended law on low-THC cannabis products, it was illegal to possess a “euphoriant substance” unless it has been prescribed as a medicinal product by a doctor [1].

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The Danish Veterinary and Food Administration consults with the Medicines Agency to decide whether a CBD product is a food supplement or medicine.

This makes hemp-derived CBD a completely legal product, free for purchase without a prescription.

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With the amendments, cannabis products with 0.2% THC or less became authorized for sale without prescription.

CBD falls under the Novel Foods Regulation (EU) 2015/2283, and foods containing CBD must comply with this legislation.