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cbd dark roast coffee

Cbd dark roast coffee

*Naked option is eco-friendly packaging: 48 loose K-Cups packed in a free, reusable, organic cotton Sträva Logo Bag

Available in 4-packs, 12-packs, 48-packs and Naked 48-packs*.

Enjoy the fresh, bold taste of Sträva: craft roasted coffee precision infused with organic, broad spectrum hemp cannabinoids including natural CBD, CBG and more.


Sträva’s dark roast colombian coffee is bold yet balanced, and presents tasting notes of toasted marshmallow and cocoa nibs. Ingredients: 100% Specialty Grade Colombian Arabica Coffee, Organic Broad-Spectrum Hemp Extract.

Max Strength, with 20mg CBD/Serving, is a customer favorite, and the go-to choice for those looking to get the most benefit out of each cup of CBD coffee.

Key Benefits:

For those who enjoy a bit more bite to their coffee, Sträva’s dark roast Colombian is a great option and delivers a smooth yet bold cup with subtle tasting notes of toasted marshmallow and cocoa nibs. Infused with healthy, broad-spectrum CBD, this Max Strength option, with 20mg CBD per serving, goes beyond great taste to deliver a robust coffee that helps you start your day feeling your best.

Sträva CBD coffee products are verified by independent labs and tested to be free from heavy metals, pesticides and mycotoxins. Additionally, each product master batch undergoes potency testing for cannabinoid content to ensure every product delivers consistent and accurate CBD content.
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Cbd dark roast coffee

Flower Power CBD Coffee products are for consumers aged 18 and over. They are not for children or women who are pregnant or lactating. If you take any medications, please consult your healthcare provider before enjoying these products.


Many CBD coffees don’t deliver on their claims. They really aren’t sure how much CBD actually makes it into your cup. The CBD they start with is often lost in the brewing process, sometimes it’s all gone. The Flower Power Coffee™ proprietary coffee pod design ensures that you get 25 mg of hemp-derived CBD in every brewed cup. We never break our promises to you.

Some call it hemp coffee, some call it CBD coffee. The active compound is CBD comes from hemp plant, and it’s flavorless, odorless, and undetectable when blended using our special patent-pending method, so all you’ll ever taste is great-tasting ultra-premium coffee.

Flower Power Medium Roast CBD Coffee Master Pack of 4 Cases (240 pods)

Flower Power is committed to minimizing waste and promoting resource conservation. We’re especially proud that all Flower Power pods are 100% recyclable. And we’re already looking into incorporating biodegradable materials as they become available. As a company that relies on nature for everything we produce, we know the Earth is our most valuable resource.

46% more coffee per pod than other popular brands**
**Compared to Green Mountain Breakfast Blend®

According to the FDA, the most common food allergens are milk, peanuts, eggs, fish, crustacean shellfish, soy, tree nuts, sesame and wheat. This product does not contain any of these major food allergens and was not packaged or processed in a facility that handles them. Please note that this information is not required by FDA. If FP wants to include it voluntarily we would suggest revising to (i) clarify these are “major allergens” according to Congress (statute), (ii) adding sesame to this list, and (iii) if applicable, disclosing whether the products are packaged/processed/held in a facility that handles any of the major allergens.

Flower Power Dark Roast CBD Coffee Master Pack of 4 Cases (240 pods)

Coarsely ground and roasted 100% Arabica coffee, CBD (Cannabidiol derived from Hemp).

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