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having regard to the written procedure and further to the hearing on 23 October 2019,

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Part VIII of Annex I to that regulation mentions in the list of products referred to in Article 1(2) of that regulation, inter alia, ‘True hemp ( Cannabis sativa L.) raw or processed but not spun; tow and waste of true hemp (including yarn waste and garnetted stock)’.

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Tow and waste of hemp. This includes waste obtained during scutching or combing processes, waste yarns obtained during spinning, weaving, etc., operations, and garnetted stock obtained from rags, scrap rope or cordage, etc. The tow and waste are classified here whether suitable for spinning into yarns (whether or not in the form of slivers or rovings) or suitable only for use as caulking material, for padding or stuffing, paper making, etc.’

Cbd d

Pot d’Huile (French for ‘pot of oil’), or PdH for short, is not afraid to shake things up in the wellness space.

Developing CBD-infused products unlike any others

At the very start, we worked out of a commercial kitchen and did fulfillment and shipping ourselves, packing orders and bringing them to FedEx. As we scaled, we realized it was not sustainable.

Partnering with a scalable fulfillment provider

As told to ShipBob by Yannick Crespo, Co-Founder & President of Pot d’Huile.