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cbd cured my anxiety

Susannah Bell along with other users of cannabidiol, better known as CBD, say it has medicinal benefits and helps her with anxiety, but those who sell it are not allowed to make any medical claims.

CBD is one of the two main compounds found in cannabis, and is available on high streets and online. Sales of the cannabis extract hit £160m in 2019.

As the CBD market is expanding, Politics Live’s Greg Dawson looks at whether the current rules around licencing and production work for the industry.

Cbd cured my anxiety

Hamilton said that she started using the medicine – available online – after she suffered anxiety about having to talk in front of her company in team meetings.

‘If you suffer from anxiety or sleeping issues, I cannot recommend this more! It is certainly pricey, but I think with a product of this nature, you are buying quality and results, therefore I would never go for a cheaper form or one mixed with fillers or something like that.’

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‘I also do sleep a lot better at night. I don’t get anxious thoughts like I used to and I generally feel I fall asleep about 20 minutes quicker now.’

Crucially, CBD products don’t contain any THC, the chemical in cannabis which causes the high – so it’s legal to use in the UK.

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