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cbd companies in india

Cbd companies in india

Hemp can change the world and there are a few hemp companies that have yielded this ability to change the future of the world!

Namrata Hemp is a Bangalore-based start-up established in 2016 also known as NHCO. They have a robust and dynamic vision with corporate responsibility and produce toxic-free and biodegradable products. Also, create awareness about industrial hemp in India.

5. Hempsters, Hyderabad

Uttar Pradesh is the second and recent Himachal Pradesh government becomes the third state to legalize industrial hemp cultivation.

Vedi has a mix of Ayurvedic and Hemp & Cannabis induced products to improve your health & lifestyle. It produces quality industrial hemp or cannabis to produce Ayurvedic medicines.

7. Vedi, Bhubaneshwar

Presently, Hemp is ending up in the core of a roaring industry – clothing, paper, rope, textiles, biodegradable plastics, paint, insulation, biofuel, food, shoes, and animal feed. Hemp oil is good for healthy skin, and clothes made using hemp fabrics are tough, durable, and last longer as compared to their other similar fabrics.

Cbd companies in india

I had been jumping between work and workouts and wanted a source of protein I could consume fast. I didn’t want to take the processed proteins available in the market and wanted something natural as I try keeping my body as clean as possible and wanted to reduce my dairy intake as well as I’m on my way to a vegan lifestyle. I had read about hemp protein but had never really had an opportunity to try any and one day my girlfriend surprised me with a BOHECO. I was so excited to try it that I instantly opened the pack to try some. It takes a while to get used to the flavour but considering the amount it helps I would be completely fine with the taste. I feel it is worth it, as I feel it’s a superfood.

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Get creative and add the Hemp touch to your favourite treats! Tag us @boheco_life on your Insta posts/stories or share with us your Cannabis Story, recipes or anything else and become a part of the BOHECO Life Circle. (P.S. You could stand a chance to get featured as a BOHECO Life Champion as well!)

From a rich nutritional source to a holistic way of healing, Hemp is the window to your Wellbeing!

BOHECO Life Champions

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Your Wellbeing, Our Mission

Hemp is incredibly nutritious. It’s also rich in healthy fats and high quality protein. I enjoyed using the hemp seeds and powder in my smoothies and loved using hemp seed oil for my salads, skincare and haircare Hemp has excellent wholesome nutritional value. So, it’s definitely cost-effective.

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