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cbd color palette

Choosing the perfect logo for your CBD (cannabidiol) business is an essential part of building a brand. You’ll want to pick a logo that creates a sense of comfort and reliability while remaining modern and on-brand. See our list below for ideas, or use our free CBD logo generator.

CBD Logo Ideas:

This logo design easily combines a dark background with a light and timeless typeface, Playfair Display, to create a stylish and modern logo. These subtle details, paired with the neon blue Buddhist-inspired icon, help create a majestic image that will leave a lasting memory.

A modern and eye-catching logo that instantly attracts attention due to the playfulness of the Monoton font. The different shades of yellow help brighten the logo by exuding happiness and optimism, while the hint of brown adds some definition to the icon. This logo will pop on labels and stationery.

Cbd color palette

Hemp green, pale lemon, oatmeal and navy:

2. Bright and health-conscious colors

Calming neutral color scheme by Lovely Grit Studio: #ef9273 #fef9f8 #0d0d0d

8. Calming yet confident color schemes

Although coral and navy are fairly strong colors, they are softened by the serene hues of grey, lilac and pale pinks. This is a clever color scheme for a meditation app because although it is calming, it is also confident (red) and reliable (blue), which together are pretty apt for services centred around mental health and well-being.