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cbd coconut oil uk

Victoria – 22/07/2019

Our CBD Coconut Oil is a unique, broad spectrum blend of at least 500mg organic CBD oil blended with coconut oil. By broad spectrum, we mean CBD products derived from extract or resin of industrial hemp. Giving your skin a rich source of antioxidants, protection, conditioning, and anti-sebum properties. You may remember our signature green oil? This is a new formulation of an old favourite! Our CBD Coconut Oil now contains a wider cannabinoid and terpene profile in each jar. Organic CBD Coconut Oil 1000mg strength available. Also, we sell a 500mg CBD Oil Dropper. If you suffer from muscle pain, or need a heating topical, we also have this Muscle Oil 200mg.

Sofia – 09/07/2021


The taste is amazing . I suffer from neck and shoulder discomfort , since using this product it seems better. Rather this than the prescribed tablets.

I have a severe swelling above the knee due to arthritis and pain caused by two tears in the cartilage. I have had key hole surgery behind the knee cap. I have also had steroid injections and fluid drained from behind the knee. Walking was more of a shuffle, taking pain killers daily.
This was devastating to me as I love Ballroom dancing.
The organic CBD Coconut oil reduced the amount of swelling by about 2 thirds and reduced the pain in the knee within a few days. With continued use of CBD once daily massaged onto the knee this has allowed me to do exercises to strengthen the muscles in the knee more.
Now after using Hempen CBD for twelve months and doing the exercises I rarely take any pain killers even when we go dancing for a full day at the tower ballroom.

CBD Coconut Oil 1000mg Organic Key Points

I use this topically every day applied to mainly feet, knees and hands before bed. I have rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia and have found this really helps manage the pain and inflammation (along with prescribed medication). I have tried ingesting CBD but found it irritated my very sensitive bladder so this works much better for me. Recommend giving it a try.

Clare Farnsworth – 31/05/2019

Cbd coconut oil uk

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Users consume CBD Coconut Oil as a food supplement, apply it to their skin, or use it to enrich their everyday cooking.

CBD, or Cannabidiol, is a non-intoxicating compound that works naturally in the human body, extracted from specialised varieties of hemp grown organically.

Hand-blended // Vegan // Full Spectrum CBD

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