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cbd clearance

Cbd clearance

“It is an eye opener for a lot of people,” said Don Mihalek, executive director of the Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association.

He asked the I-Team to conceal his identity, fearing that speaking publicly could jeopardize his retirement benefits. He chose to retire earlier this year after his boss revoked his security clearance and suspended him indefinitely.


Summerlin thinks CBD users could argue there was no intent to break the rules. She worries the federal policy could keep agencies from hiring good candidates or cause them to lose good employees who were just misinformed.

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“The problem is the times have changed before the tests have. And so now everybody’s going to be caught in the middle until technology and law catches up,” French said.

“Exposing sensitive genetic information to outside parties poses personal and operational risks to service members,” the memo stated. It goes on to note the unregulated nature of the industries, and the fact that personal information could be made available to third parties. There are privacy concerns, but also personal health concerns. With some genetic screening kits providing health information along with genealogy services, the Pentagon argues there are career implications if a service member discovers a personal—and reportable—health condition through a DNA screening company.

Are there security risks to taking a DNA sample and sending it to a private company for screening? The Pentagon seems to think so. In a Dec. 20 memo, Joseph Kernan, undersecretary of Defense for intelligence, and James Stewart, assistant secretary of defense for manpower, urged servicemembers to use caution when providing their genetic information.

Think twice about genetic testing kits and products derived from the cannabis plant.

Here’s the rub: most issues in security clearance determinations are far from black and white, and that is especially true of CBD oil. After President Trump signed the Farm Bill in March, many people incorrectly assumed the law made all CBD products fully legal. The reality is the Farm Bill simply paved the way for government regulation of CBD products, and established criteria and legal limits of THC in hemp products. Unfortunately, the average CBD product you purchase (you know, at your local gas station or strip mall), is likely not under an FDA pilot, and therefore buyer beware.

Bigley noted the issue is that few individuals actually read the fine print, and therefore don’t know where their genetic data could end up. The lack of clear privacy and non-discrimination law relative to the DNA kits also means the information could be used to discriminate based on genetic history or health data, a specific concern cited by DoD. Consumers also face little legal recourse if the data is hacked by malicious actors or even legally purchased by foreign entities.