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cbd chapstick

Cbd chapstick

I have the driest, cracked lips you have ever seen in the entire world. No joke! I am 50 years old. This is the best lip balm I have ever used. Seriously. I have tried everything. This keeps my lips moist, no cracks, and plump all day. I apply it several times a day, and at bed time. I will buy this again and again. Please don’t stop making it.

I have tried several brands and types of lip balm in general. The fact it has cbd is icing on the cake. This is non greasy stays and cures lips. I gave some to my daughter and she loves it for chapped lips. And now my mom

I love this, it’s my new favorite lip balm. The combo with the Manuka Honey & CBD works wonders!

No. CBD is not psychoactive, therefore it will not get you high. However, it can have a positive effect on your central nervous system as well as your mental state. CBD is known for balancing out your central nervous system by returning it to homeostasis. Many users report feeling a profound sense of relaxation, alertness, or mental clarity from taking CBD.†

It’s a must have!

Apply as often as needed throughout the day to soothe, hydrate and protect your lips.


CBD, short for cannabidiol, is a chemical compound found naturally in hemp plants, which has been associated with numerous health and wellness benefits. While CBD and THC are in the same cannabinoid family, they are distant cousins in respects to their effects.

Highly recommend!

The most distinct difference being that CBD is non-intoxicating, meaning it doesn’t have a strong effect on cognitive brain activity and doesn’t cause the “high” associated with marijuana.

Why CBD Quality and Purity Matters

Cbd chapstick

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On the label, Dr. Frieling says there are three common terms to look for to know you’re getting the maximum amount of benefits: isolate, broad-spectrum, and full-spectrum. “Three of the terms being used [for CBD] are isolate, which means the product contains pure CBD with no other cannabinoid or additive; full-spectrum, which refers to a product that contains all parts of the hemp plant plus CBD; and broad-spectrum, which is similar to full-spectrum but has different levels of trace THC,” she says.

When shopping for a CBD-spiked lip balm to add to your collection, it’s important to make sure that the product has the proper ingredient in its formula. “Benefits from CBD products depend on how much of the mixture’s composition is made up of CBD and how much the marketing plays up the presence of CBD,” warns Dr. Frieling. A lot of this has to do with unclear product labels that conflate hemp oil and CBD oil, (cannabis sativa oil, for example is just hemp oil). Hemp seed oil is cold-pressed from seeds and has moisturizing properties, but CBD oil contains those active compounds from cannabinoids, which contain anti-inflammatory benefits.

Naturally G4U Be Well CBD Sweet Relief Lip Mend, $10

Keep this ultra-nourishing, lip-tingling balm in every purse, which uses CBD oil, invigorating peppermint, and fatty acids to keep your lips soft and happy.

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Vertly CBD Infused Lip Balm Sticks, $24

It does this by acting as an antibacterial and an antioxidant. For example, Dr. Frieling points to a study that reveals that CBD contains antibacterial compounds that help keep your lips protected. As an antioxidant, “CBD can help skin stabilize free radicals and [better protect itself from] overexposure to the elements,” she says. “It can also help reduce redness and irritation around the lip area, and can be helpful if you are experiencing cold sores, the aftermath of allergies, or have inflamed lips due to a dehydrated epidermis.”

When used in a lip balm, CBD extract works to moisturize dry, damaged lips. “CBD is very nourishing and has anti-inflammatory properties that can help soothe chapped skin,” says Claudia Mata, co-founder of Vertly. Much like the most dermatologist-recommended ingredient to heal chapped lips (beeswax!), CBD is another top contender for hydration. “With a well-made CBD lip balm, the CBD oil will seal moisture in your lips, preventing them from becoming dry or flaky,” says Gretchen Frieling, MD, triple-board certified dermatopathologist.

Cocoa Butter: Helps sustain sunscreen on the surface of the skin, providing longer lasting protection. It also has mild sun protection properties.

Beeswax: Has water-repellant properties that help sustain sunscreen action, while providing a long lasting protective coating against the elements.

The convenient slim fit tube.

CBD Concentration: 10mg/ml


CBD (from hemp): Naturally promotes pain relief & recovery.

Soothe your lips and promote recovery with 50mg CBD in this luxurious Lip Balm!

For external use only. Stop use & ask a doctor if irritation occurs. Do not use on sensitive skin. Keep out of reach of children.


Coconut Oil: A highly saturated oil that stays on the outer layers of the skin to help maintain a smooth feeling, it is also high in antioxidants such as Vitamin E, which help protect against sun damage.

Heal and soothe your lips!