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cbd bruxisme

Cbd bruxisme

The effects of CBD on human health and well-being are now well established. It can help you in various ways by improving your quality of life, for example by reducing bruxism. What do you need to know about this disorder? How can the CBD work against it? This is what we invite you to discover in the following.

The role of the CBD against bruxism

You will be able to consume the cbd oil sublingually, i.e. directly under the tongue, or to ingest it, i.e. to consume it orally. In the second case, it is possible to add CBD oil to your food to make it easier to swallow. For those who do not prefer this form, CBD is also available in capsule form or in food products.

How to use CBD against bruxism?

If you choose to turn to a CBD-based remedy to relieve your bruxism, then you’ll need to find the form and dosage that works best for you. Usually, it is CBD oil that is used to relieve patients. It is the most popular form of CBD because it is easy to dose and also convenient to use. You will be able to choose the concentration of CBD according to your needs. Then for the dosage, you will need to start with a small amount at the beginning, and gradually increase it.

Cbd bruxisme

Teeth grinding and jaw clenching may seem like minor issues, but they can cause serious discomfort and dental destruction. Why suffer unnecessarily with headaches, sore jaws and sensitive teeth when effective treatments are readily available?

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How might CBD benefit those suffering from bruxism? In theory, there are several potential mechanisms:

Bruxism can threaten both the oral and overall health of the individual. If left untreated, this repetitive motion can leave teeth damaged and painfully sensitive. Headaches, discomfort in the face, jaw or ears, and poor sleep are also common complaints.

CBD for Bruxism

In recent years, cannabidiol has caught the attention of the public and the interest of many medical researchers and health care providers. More commonly referred to as CBD, this component of the marijuana plant is often touted by people in the alternative health field as an effective treatment for an amazing array of ills. While some claims are currently speculative or supported only by anecdotal evidence, others have garnered some serious scientific backing. Could CBD for bruxism considered useful in treatment? Answering that question requires knowing something about not only bruxism but also CBD products and the potential benefits and drawbacks of CBD for bruxism.

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While some believe CBD holds promise as a treatment for bruxism, it is far from the only option available. There are several time-tested treatment options that can be effective in combating teeth grinding and clenching:

Why Do Some People Develop Bruxism?

In addition, CBD is known to interact with blood thinners and other medications. Also worrisome is the fact that CBD is currently regarded as a supplement. Why should that matter? Supplements are not regulated by the FDA like medications are. When it comes to the safety, purity and strength of CBD products and other supplements, consumers are forced to rely on the manufacturers’ reports of what their products contain.

Although there are no direct studies of CBD for bruxism, there are anecdotal success stories. People who have found relief generally report that using a few drops of CBD oil each day reduced both their teeth grinding and the pain that resulted from the behavior.