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cbd baked goods wholesale

Cbd baked goods wholesale

All of our CBD baked goods contain about 20mg of cbd per item.CBD is a legal essential hemp isolate/oil legal in all 50 states.

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Triple Chocolate Brownies

CBD BARS – $72/dz

All recipes are marked as Trade Secrets and are sole proprietary property of Glenn Family Bakery.

If you have any medical questions or conditions we recommend checking with your physician before consuming

Triple Chocolate Terrine, Gluten Free

CBD COOKIES – $72/dz

Triple Chocolate Espresso Chip

Coconut Mounds Bar

Cbd baked goods wholesale

“Many of the companies I’ve talked to have said their direct-to-consumer business has been very strong throughout this time,” said Virginia Lee, CBD research manager, Brightfield Group. “We definitely see people using CBD to manage the additional stress and difficulties falling asleep.”

Glenn Family Bakery, Sarasota, Fla., is a licensed company that sells CBD baked goods through It sells its branded products to CBD stores, farmers markets and coffee shops in Florida and distributes them to Connecticut, Colorado and Indiana. The bakery also makes private label products as a wholesale alternative. Transparency is key in everything the company does.

Spinelli’s Pizzeria in Tempe, Ariz., announced last year that it would let customers spike cocktails, beers, soft drinks and even pizzas with CBD oil. For an extra $5, the restaurant will add CBD oil to the beverages or a slice of pizza.