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cbd awards barcelona

Cbd awards barcelona

Harmony is a worldwide pioneer in hemp and CBD products. Can Ex Jamaica are the genius hosts behind the annual international B2B event for industry experts, investors, legal experts, farmers, researchers, physicians and others in cannabis. Eco Equity work in conjunction with the Zimbabwe Ministry of Health to develop medicinal cannabis for distribution internationally while Yah Man! produce a wide range of CBD-based drinks including a premium beer and sports drink.

“The CBD Awards will act as the gold standard of the industry.”

Need for standards

Despite this, the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has not set standards for quality, content and marketing, leaving consumers to do their own research. This is dangerous as without regulation there is more risk of cost-cutting and a loss of integrity.

Thirteen categories for this year’s awards

James Cummiskey, Group CEO of the World CBD Awards, said: “The CBD Awards will act as the gold standard of the industry. We want brands and consumers to know that if a company has been credited with one of our prestigious awards, they have been recognized as the best of the best in their sector.”

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Last update: 30th March 2021

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