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cbd australia reddit

Cbd australia reddit

While pharmacies are now allowed to sell it over-the-counter, don’t expect to find any in your local for at least six months, as no CBD oils have been given the green light for sale yet.

As mentioned above, only adults will be able to purchase cannabidiol over-the-counter without a referral. It will only be available at pharmacies.

Any vaping or topical cream products will still only be available through a prescription from a doctor.

Manufacturers are working at a “lightning” rate to get products approved, former president of the Pharmacy Guild of Australia, Kos Sclavos, said.

Cbd australia reddit

I have a mate from Australia. He ordered from EU few times (by my recommendation) and I think that out of (around) 7 orders, one was seized at customs. the "problem" is probably labelling the package. Although if I understand correctly, CBD is completely legal in Australia (it wasn't legal not so long ago), but there must be some strange import policy, or maybe the THC levels. not sure, but don't hope too much getting your package delivered.

Yeah as far as I know it's completely legal now as of earlier this year, to the best of my knowledge it has to be under 0.3% THC which the stuff I ordered said it was.

In the meantime I've ordered from 2 different aussie suppliers and they both arrived within a week.