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cbd and pregnancy reddit

Cbd and pregnancy reddit

This information came from the CDC website.

I generally keep tabs on this issue because I am the adoptive parent of a baby who was born in multi-drug withdrawal, including opiates.

Just curious if anyone has any information on whether its safe or if you have used it. Please no one attack anyone for conflicting opinions, just looking for peoples experiences or information.

They do not appear to drill into a distinction between THC and CBD.

The literature with regard to prematurity is mixed and needs further study. No neonatal outcomes appeared to be associated with cannabis exposure, but the studies are limited. Findings related to health care use, such as the increase in NICU admissions, need to be treated with caution. This pattern may reflect protocols requiring admission of all infants whose mothers have a history of substance use in pregnancy or failed toxicological screens during labor, rather than the health of the infant per se, particularly as there appears to be no increase in length of neonatal stay.

Cbd and pregnancy reddit

I smoked a pack of Marlboros a day for twenty years before I finally quit, but at no time did I pretend that was a good idea, or that they were chock full of vitamin C.

Marijuana smokers are always so pro-science until science suggests you shouldn't smoke in certain situations. It's amazing really, you would think it would be common sense not to smoke while pregnant, but there are already people calling this study junk based on nothing but their personal feelings.

But why risk it? I smoke weed as much as the next person but why risk the potential mental health of your baby to get high? Literally just stop for a few months

No one is saying don’t take your medication as prescribed, when followed by a physician during pregnancy. Just make sure to know the long and short term effects and make educated decisions about your health and that of your unborn child.

Huh. weird. Only 54 comments for a post that doesn’t say smoking weed cures everything.

Does this have the same duration of the study conducted, i think by Jamaica for over 40 years?

This explains why so many kids use the word 'yeet'

How many doctors have you talked to? There is no way that “most” don’t recommend abstinence. I take prescribed medication with a few studies, and they still recommend abstinence if possible. You might have found a doctor that thinks it’s ok for you, in your particular situation, but please don’t pretend that means that the medical community in general sees no harm for most people.