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cbd and cytokine storm

Introduction: In the absence of effective antivirals and vaccination, the pandemic of COVID-19 remains the most significant challenge to our health care system in decades. There is an urgent need for definitive therapeutic intervention. Clinical reports indicate that the cytokine storm associated with acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) is the leading cause of mortality in severe cases of some respiratory viral infections, including COVID-19. In recent years, cannabinoids have been investigated extensively due to their potential effects on the human body. Among all cannabinoids, cannabidiol (CBD) has demonstrated potent anti-inflammatory effects in a variety of pathological conditions. Therefore, it is logical to explore whether CBD can reduce the cytokine storm and treat ARDS. Materials and Methods: In this study, we show that intranasal application of Poly(I:C), a synthetic analogue of viral double-stranded RNA, simulated symptoms of severe viral infections inducing signs of ARDS and cytokine storm. Discussion: The administration of CBD downregulated the level of proinflammatory cytokines and ameliorated the clinical symptoms of Poly I:C-induced ARDS. Conclusion: Our results suggest a potential protective role for CBD during ARDS that may extend CBD as part of the treatment of COVID-19 by reducing the cytokine storm, protecting pulmonary tissues, and re-establishing inflammatory homeostasis.

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CBD improves lung structure and function after intranasal Poly(I:C) treatment. (A) Blood oxygen…


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The study looks at a proprietary terpene formulation called NT-VRL™, which was created by Eybna to treat inflammatory conditions such as the cytokine storm syndrome found in Covid-19 patients. The formulation contains 30 individual terpenes that are potential anti-inflammatory agents, and considered generally safe for consumption.

Data scientist Nadav Eyal, who is Co-Founder & CEO at Eybna, explains that they utilized “biological data mining, data processing and formulation design” to create a “formulation effectively targeting specific health conditions” such as cytokine storms. He says that this method of development “is opening a new world for synergistically-effective natural formulations – holding therapeutic capabilities in which single Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients will have difficulties to match.”

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In other words, while most medicines contain one active ingredient, this formulation contains 30 different ingredients all working together to create beneficial effects.

Scientists working with terpenes are studying whether they may help in the fight against COVID-19.

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Each compound was tested to see how it impacted cytokine activity, and the results are somewhat shocking. Not only was the terpene formulation able to inhibit the cytokine activity, (with better results using higher doses), but it also outperformed both CBD and dexamethasone. CBD alone inhibited around 75% of the cytokines on average, while the terpenes alone inhibited around 80%, suggesting that Eybna’s terpene blend may be even more effective than CBD for inflammation reduction.