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cbd and binge eating

Cbd and binge eating

Researchers of a 2018 study published in the Frontiers in Immunology Journal , also obtained similar results, demonstrating CBD as a potential remedy to depression (6 ) .

However, studies on CBD and eating disorders are limited, and the long-term effects of CBD remain unknown.

How CBD Can Help With Anorexia Nervosa

CBD has been shown to help with eating disorders by reducing anxiety and depression and through its impact on the hormones that regulate mood and appetite.

How CBD Can Help With Bulimia Nervosa

Eating disorders can damage the heart, digestive system, bones, and teeth and mouth, and lead to other diseases (1 ) .

Cbd and binge eating

I've been binge eating everyday for a little over a month. I need this to stop and been considering CBDIstillery 500mg tincture to stop my compulsions and cravings. Does anyone have experience with over eating and cbd? Thanks for your time.

Vote up for CBDistillary, I do not get the munchies from it.

I also have binge eating disorder. I think mine is derived from a lot of factors. The first being, we were very poor growing up. Food need was a stressor, but was lack when we were broke and used in quantity when we celebrated. So in sadness and happiness food was a factor. So now it's pure stress, anxiety and boredom that drives me to eat. I'm new to using CBD and I do notice it helps calm my anxiety and stress. I have learned I have to recognize when I'm beginning to feel stressed and lots of anxiety. Go take it at first problem and it truly does shut it down. I hope this helps.