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cbd 4 real

CBD 4 REAL was started with the understanding of the growing CBD market and a need to provide customers with a great supplement that has under .3% THC content. All while delivering the multitude of health benefits that are generally associated with cannibis.

Our CBD Isolate is 99%+ pure anhydrous cannabidiol extract from USA farmed hemp. It is grown from non-GMO cultivars and processed in an ISO accredited laboratory in Denver ,Colorado. CBD Isolate is considered by the US government as a vitamin supplement and is legal in all 50 states.

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Processes and formulation

With all of the same benefits that you may get from CBD our Broad Spectrum is custom blended with a combination of hand selected hemp derived cannabinoids to potentially help pinpoint and further ad with the following conditions.

Broad Spectrum Hemp Distillate

Suggested Dosage-

Thanks to the convenient dropper, application is easy! No need to fight with pets to take it. It can be applied to treats or mixed in with food. Add a suggested dose to each meal twice per day. It’s recommended when first implementing any CBD products to start at lower doses and work your way up. When stored properly products may recrystallize and become milky due to purity of product and colder temperatures. Let vial warm to room temperature/shake well.

– We recommend keeping products refrigerated at all times –

Products may slightly change cannabinoid profile and color due to the natural process of oxidation. This does not affect the quality of the product. Only converting miner amounts of cannabinoids into [CBN] over prolonged periods of time.