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Medical Properties: The medical properties that CB Diesel CBD provides are incomparable. Because of the uniqueness of the composition of this strain, medical marijuana users will definitely get their money’s worth with CB Diesel CBD. This strain offers a very exciting and euphoric high that works well for body treatment. Patients who are experiencing muscle spasms, joint inflammations, and body aches will find this strain useful. It is capable of causing a very soothing and relaxing effect on the body without inducing any heavy drowsiness. CB Diesel CBD also works well for enhancing a person’s mood. This will help mitigate a person’s symptoms of PTSD, ADD, ADHD, and severe depression.

As far as flavor goes, this strain isn’t the greatest of them all. It will impart a set of tastes and smells that are characterized as earthy, piney, and herbal. These are all typical for classic weed. However, proper curing of this strain may lead to it imparting some notes of citrus and sourness in it, albeit nothing too strong.

THC and CBD Percentage: What stands out the most about CB Diesel CBD is the fact that it is a pure CBD strain. It is one of the few that belong in this category. As such, this makes CB Diesel CBD the strongest medical marijuana strain that Crop King Seeds has to offer. It has an outstanding 20% CBD level, making this one of the highest ever measured in any marijuana strain. This gives it a distinct advantage in the medical field as it provides countless health benefits to medical marijuana patients.

Common Effects: CB Diesel CBD Feminized displays effects that are common to Sativa strains. Despite not having any THC level that can influence a person’s thinking, there are still many physical feelings that a person can get from consuming this strain. It is known to keep people calm and relaxed without any heaviness to the head. Despite this, it can also act as an uplifting strain that enhances a person’s mood. Consuming CB Diesel CBD will prompt you to feel more energized and sociable. You will typically feel a lot more talkative than you usually are. Additionally, despite the lack of THC, this strain helps patients rid their minds of any negative thoughts. In contrast, it actually helps induce a more uplifting and happy mindset among patients.

CB Diesel CBD also brings out the best Sativa-influenced medical properties that a strain could have. The effects that it has on the head can effectively release the pressure that a person may feel in his eyes and temple. This gives them a soothing sensation without causing any psychoactive and mind-altering effects.

CB Diesel CBD is believed to have origins that trace back to the United States. It was developed by crossbreeding the world-famous Sour Diesel strain with Turbo Diesel and the Harlequin strain. As opposed to the traditional process of crossbreeding two strains, this Sativa-dominant hybrid boasts three parent strains.

As for its THC level, it only contains up to 0.25%. As you can see, it clearly holds an extremely low THC level compared to the average marijuana strain. This gives it little to no psychoactive and mind-altering effects at all. Instead, CB Diesel CBD relies primarily on its CBD-induced effects for both recreational and medical uses.

CB Diesel CBD also brings out the strain’s best Sativa-influenced medicinal properties. Its impact on the head will effectively relieve the pressure that a person might be experiencing in his eyes and temples. This gives them a relaxing feeling without making them psychoactive or changing their minds.

In terms of taste, this strain isn’t the best of the bunch. Earthy, piney and herbal flavors and aromas will be present. Both of these characteristics are representative of classic marijuana. However, proper curing of this strain can result in it imparting some citrus and sour notes, but not overpoweringly so.

What are the Medical Benefits of CB Diesel CBD Feminized?

CB Diesel CBD takes a little longer to completely flower and bloom than other CBD strains. This strain will be able to harvest in about ten weeks at the most. While it isn’t the highest-yielding marijuana strain, growers can get a respectable yield from it each harvest. When grown indoors, yield rates are about 350 grams per square foot of plant, and when grown outdoors, yield rates are about 400 to 450 grams per square foot of plant. Developers intentionally made this strain, like most medical cannabis strains, easy to grow. This makes it perfect for newcomers and medical marijuana patients to have in their gardens.

The uplifting effects of this pressure usually come first, accompanied by a soothing sensation. CB Diesel’s mood-enhancing effects are also beneficial to people who are depressed. Its soothing properties are beneficial in the treatment of stress, anxiety, PTSD, ADHD, and ADD.

What are the Flavors and Effects of CB Diesel CBD Feminized?

Consuming CB Diesel CBD Feminized marijuana strain may cause slight discomforts to the user. However, these may be easily alleviated. Cottonmouth, which is one of its side effects may be relieved by increasing fluid intake before, during, and after the smoking session. Dry eyes, another common side effect of smoking this strain, can be soothed by using over-the-counter eye drops.