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Pet Releaf’s 1oz Canna Care CBD Topical CBD Oil for Dogs is designed to improve your dogs quality of life! Shop our topical CBD oil now! How does Canna-Pet compare to other CBD brands for dogs? Our in-depth review looks at price, customer reviews, CBD extract, and more.

Skin and Paw Releaf

A soothing topical, lovingly created to help your family members smile again.

$ 24.99 — or subscribe and save 10%

Pets can power through itchiness, irritation, and allergies with our supplements designed for even the most sensitive skin. Bug bites, pollen, and salty, snowy paws have met their match! Specifically designed for skin irritation and easy to apply

  • 50 mg
  • Any
  • Dog & Cat

Key Ingredients

Organic Full Spectrum Hemp Extract

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  • How to administer
  • Ingredients


  • Supports Skin health, helps reduce external irritation, and reduces itchiness
  • For Animals with Sensitive Skin
  • 100% vegan utilizing only plant based ingredients

Pet Releaf CBD-infused Skin & Paw Releaf for Cats & Dogs is a 100% plant-based, vegan product. It contains full spectrum CBD hemp oil and was developed to offer pets an all-natural skin application to help with external irritations.

If your dog is itchy, scratchy, and uncomfortable, Pet Releaf’s Skin & Paw Releaf Topical for Dogs & Cats may provide them with the relief they need to ignore external skin irritations. Our 100% plant-based, vegan topical includes 50mg of CBD taken from whole hemp plants grown right here in the USA. Combined with select ingredients, such as Full Spectrum Extract including Cannabidiol, Helichrysum, Calendula, and Rose Hip), this topical offers a soothing sensation that your pet will love. We’ve developed our Skin & Paw Releaf with your pet’s external irritations in mind, such as bug bites and skin allergies. It can be applied directly to your dog’s skin as needed.

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The perfect amount for your pet

Apply direct to skin when needed. A soothing topical, lovingly created to help your family members smile again.

Your pet will love this!

Andiroba Oil, Calendula Flower Extract, Candelilla Wax, Coconut Oil (Organic Extra Virgin), Grape Seed Oil (Organic Virgin), Helichrysum, Neem Oil, Nerolidol, Organic Full Spectrum Hemp Extract, Rosehip Oil (Organic Virgin), Rosemary Leaf Extract 5%, Shea Butter, Sunflower Oil

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Canna-Pet CBD for Dogs Review 2022

Canna-Pet’s Advanced MaxCBD oil tincture combines value for money with rich-spectrum, high concentration CBD. But as one of the largest CBD brands out there, Canna-pet has a range of other popular products. Here is our review of Canna-pets oils, capsules, and treats for dogs.

What we liked

  • Two formulations of CBD (normal and extra-strength)
  • Multiple delivery vehicles: tincture, capsules, and treats, including premade dosages for small and large dogs
  • Various product bundles offering different savings

Things to consider

  • Canna-pet claim to use organic ingredients and possess 3rd party certification, but we found no accessible test results or detailed product sourcing information

See how Canna-Pet compares to other CBD brands in our review of the Best CBD Oil for Dogs.

Who is Canna-Pet?

Canna-pet is one of the most established and well-known pet CBD manufacturers around. They’ve appeared in a variety of news outlets and gained acknowledgment from several scientific and research institutions, as well as canine charities.

As a brand, Canna-Pet focuses on the science of CBD, offering full-spectrum products that pick out specific cannabinoids, terpenes, and other cannabis compounds for their recipes. According to their website, they utilize industry-leading extraction and refinement techniques, which have earned them veterinarian recommendations and treatment coverage by major pet insurers.

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Canna-pet says they are committed to only using organic non-GMO hemp for all their products, and are opposed to never working with unverified hemp for imported sources. This is great, however, we were unable to find information on exactly where the hemp that Canna-pet uses is sourced from.

Likewise, Canna-pet says that they test all of their products in independent laboratories for residual solvents, heavy metals, terpenes, and cannabinoid concentrations. As CBD is still unregulated by the FDA, this kind of 3rd party certification is industry standard, so it’s good to see that Canna-pet is going the extra mile for verification. However, Canna-pet also doesn’t seem to make this information available on their site. Ideally, consumers should be able to access the results of 3rd party testing, rather than relying on brand claims.

One thing that’s not difficult to access is the many Canna-pet testimonials the brand has gathered over the years. Their website lists over 1000 customer experiences, ranging from those using CBD on their chickens to dog owners who have seen improvements in their dog’s recovery from degenerative conditions, surgeries, and even cancers.

Canna-pet oils and treats:Key points

Canna-Pet offers two full-spectrum CBD oil formulations, both of which contain a bunch of cannabis compounds beyond CBD. According to the brand, their oil includes over two dozen cannabinoids, such as Cannabichromene (CBC) and Cannabigerol (CBG). Both of these are non-psychoactive cannabinoids and contribute to pain relief and the reduction of inflammation.

Also included in Canna-Pet’s CBD oils are terpenes and flavonoids—aromatic compounds that cannabis specialists believe carry their own soothing properties. ß-Caryophyllene, limonene, and α-pinene are found in plants like cannabis, pine trees, and citrus fruits, and have been shown to promote mental alertness and the reduction of swelling in clinical research.

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We love Canna-Pets CBD recipes, but unfortunately, we were unable to verify them because we couldn’t find a 3rd party certificate of testing. Canna-Pet claims to have all their products independently tested, but the results of tests are not easily accessible on their website.

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