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can you eat cbd crystals

Can you eat cbd crystals

CBD crystals are therefore the purest thing there is compared to wax, resin, oil, pollen or even flowers. However, even if it looks like they have been bleached or treated to get that texture and colour, they are 100% natural. Therefore, it falls into the category of raw CBD products and they can be combined with other ingredients or used as such.

To obtain CBD crystals, the most common method is CO2 extraction. This technique does not use solvents or heat. When the CBD is extracted, it then needs to be purified to remove as much residue as possible. To do this, it is filtered to remove all other plant material. The aim is to end up with the highest possible concentration.

The benefits of CBD crystals

In the case of crystals, there are several techniques for consuming them, depending on which one you choose you may experience effects almost instantly or over the long term. You can also use them alone or with other ingredients. CBD crystals are very versatile. They can be easily adapted to your needs and you can consume any amount you want to feel more or less effects.

The method of making CBD crystals

CBD is the purest and most concentrated in crystal form. They can be up to 99% CBD and are completely legal. They have a white or slightly yellow powdery texture that can be compared to sugar. In this form, you will feel the effects of CBD intensely. However, because of their high concentrations, they must be used properly as well as dosed precisely.

Can you eat cbd crystals

Creating CBD topicals involves combining isolate with a myriad of other ingredients. You can combine the following, for example:

In general, the average ‘starting’ dose is around 10mg of CBD a day. However, patients with epilepsy may use up to 300mg. Bear in mind that a gram of high-quality CBD crystals should contain over 990mg of the cannabinoid.

You need a rig, a lighter, and a dabbing tool. When you have what you need, heat the ‘nail’ on the rig until it is extremely hot. This process usually takes a few seconds. Next, wait for around 60 seconds for the nail to cool down a little. Use the dabbing tool to place the crystals on the nail and inhale the vapor. Dabbing is probably the most effective way to consume CBD isolate.

4 – Make Edibles

This is the #1 method of using CBD crystals. The main downside is that you need to invest in a dab rig. Once you have the apparatus, it is possible to melt your crystals and inhale pure CBD via a cloud of vapor.

You also have the option of mixing your CBD crystals with a vape liquid to boost its cannabidiol content. Add the isolate to the liquid and shake well.

Dosing CBD Crystals

If you’re new to CBD, it is best to start with a small amount and wait up to four hours to see how it affects you.

A gram of high-quality CBD crystals should contain over 990mg of the cannabinoid.