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can you buy cbd oil on amazon

Can you buy cbd oil on amazon

Hemp seeds are very healthy and have been used in cooking and wellness products for years. But.

As long as CBD products contain less that 1mg of THC then they are legal in the UK (and the majority of the world).

What is the best CBD Oil On Amazon UK?

These sellers do everything to make their products look and sound like CBD oil without ever saying “CBD oil”.

As a rule of thumb:

Where Can You Buy CBD Oil Online In The UK?

In February 2021 Amazon UK started a pilot scheme for selling some CBD oil products. Although it’s still against their policy globally. The below quote from Amazon UK sums it up:

Can you buy cbd oil on amazon

These new business owners are often unaware of the fact the market is unregulated, and anyone can sell you a bottle of snake oil labelled as CBD.

So, if you do buy CBD, it is going to come from a third party seller who can create a listing without going through any checks at all.

Hemp oil is just cold-pressed hemp seeds, which contain no CBD at all.

When I started this business, finding the right source was difficult, and it took a while. But, trustworthy brands and sources will always be transparent as they are aware of the kinks in the industry.

If you buy CBD oil on Amazon it’s unlikely to be third party tested

The CBD oil industry is just entering the mainstream, and with any new emerging industry, some people will look to make a quick buck by deceiving others through misinformation.

I’ve took a screenshot of the page outlining what is banned for sale on Amazon in the dietary supplements category via the link above for you to see:

Now for some context: Amazon is a marketplace, meaning it connects buyers and sellers.

The CBD Oil Industry is emerging

Amazon explicitly calls out that products containing cannabidiol (CBD) are banned from the website, and neither sellers nor Amazon retail can sell it.

So can you buy CBD oil on Amazon which is genuine? Yes, in all likelihood you can, but it’s more complicated than just landing on a page and clicking add to cart.