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cafe lafayette cbd

DeYoung, 31, is the latest retailer to market CBD (cannabidiol) products advertised to help treat insomnia, anxiety, pain and other ailments.

DeYoung understands cannabis has a bad reputation to some, and because of that he doesn’t personally use certain terms, such as recreational marijuana. He said he doesn’t want to teach kids that marijuana is a fun, recreational activity.

He said he wanted to make Cajun Cannabis different from the other CBD stores, so he will offer coffee — not with CBD — to make it the first cannabis cafe in the south. He also plans to offer classes to teach people the differences between hemp and marijuana.

When restaurateurs Solar Liang and Monique Wu came to us, they had an idea for a new cafe in Melbourne’s CBD that could appease the next generation of foodies. In particular, a growing, young Asian population of diners who’d been missing a destination that could whet their appetite with sweet-savoury flavours, and photogenic food crazes. Enter, Café Lafayette.

We developed a strategy aligned to what this audience seeks—considering what this place could become not only for them, but for the city more broadly.

The identity celebrates the Café Lafayette experience as one that entertains the senses, while a cheeky tone of voice emanates a sense of theatrics.