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buy cbd online uk

Buy cbd online uk

CBD Store UK’s in-depth knowledge of organic farming techniques allows us to produce industrial hemp, that is free from; herbicides, fungicides, pesticides, and heavy metals


Our Cannabidiol products contain Pure and Potent Natural Extracts
We start with the best base ingredients & use a Supercritical CO2 Extraction process to extract the very best & Highest Quality Oil
Our CBD products are Rich in Beneficial Molecules that can be lost using alternative ‘cheaper’ extraction techniques.
We want to keep our customers coming back for more – is clearly the smart choice.


CBD Store UK’s CBD is harvested by hand and comes straight from premium cannabis flowers, grown on European hemp farms.

How to Use:

As with most CBD oils, they come in different strengths. It doesn’t actually matter which strength you buy, but the stronger the oil, the longer it will last as you can use dose a smaller amount for the same concentration of CBD.

Strength: from 500mg
Bottle Size:
Flavour: Tasteless
Price: from £29.99


Strength: from 500mg
Bottle Size: 30ml
Flavour: Tasteless
Price: from £29.99

The fully vegan formula is also edible and also contains vanilla, cinnamon and ginger!

TheDrug.Store CBD Oil

Storage: Trip’s CBD oils come in completely coloured bottles, which is helpful because it minimises any risk of UV damage. Like many other CBD oils, this oil comes in amber glass to minimise light exposure, but we still recommend keeping it out of direct sunlight.

Grass & Co. prides itself on offering a premium quality product, with a range of enlivening flavours that are sure to encourage newcomers to try CBD. In particular, their EASE range blends citrus and invigorating flavours such as turmeric and ginger – which enhances the CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties.