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CBD99 is a 100% natural Cannabis Sativa L extract. This CBD isolate is derived from the mature stalks of the industrial hemp (Cannabis Sativa L extract), through patented cleaning processes. The isolate has 0% THC.


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This pharmaceutical grade isolate is extracted in a highly controlled GMP environment. Candropharm’s isolate is used as a key ingredient for the industry’s most recognized products. We are a European leader and innovator in CBD. The naturally derived extract is ready to use bulk material for formulations. The isolate has a purity of +99% and has the highest level of pharmaceutical quality. The natural extract has undergone a process whereby all contaminants that might appear in the basic material of the product have been removed.

Unlike other suppliers, we do not obtain our extract by the super, sub, or mid-critical method. Alcohol is used to extract of the CBD from the biomass. Alcohol is far less harmful than CO2 methods because it does not require high temperatures, ensuring the positive properties of the plant are not affected. CO2 leads to thermal degradation of cannabinoids in plant material, so extracting plant material with alcohol has far fewer negative effects on quality, ensuring that the CBDs in the product are maximally retained.

APO offers some of the highest quality CBD Isolate available, provided with cannabinoid, heavy metal, pesticide and residual solvent analysis as standard. We guarantee a CBD purity of ≥99.8%as per our HPLC analysis.
CBD Isolate is a highly purified single compound, making it the simplest Cannabis extract in terms of useability and legality. APO only offers recrystallised CBD Isolate to ensure that controlled cannabinoid levels are minimised as much as is mechanically possible, making this the perfect product for a wide variety of end-uses and clients.