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bulletproof cbd oil

Bulletproof cbd oil

So let’s assume you skirted some laws and got a CBD supplement. The trouble is that your liver is very good at breaking down CBD – so good that if you swallow CBD, only about 6% of the amount you took reaches your brain. [] That explains why the people in the anxiety studies had to swallow 400-600 mg of CBD extract to feel its anti-anxiety effects. A single dose that size would cost you about $100.

I tried putting CBD in my Bulletproof Coffee (um, on a vessel 200 miles offshore, in international waters) for several days and the CBD caused severe skin dryness and cracking. I normally have very healthy skin.

It’s still difficult to control dose when vaporizing CBD extract, but if you do a little math you may be able to figure it out. You’ll want a vaporizer made specifically for oils.

The annoying: only 6% of CBD oil gets absorbed?

I’ve been pretty clear about how smoking tobacco or pot is a bad idea because of combustion byproducts, even though nicotine and the active parts of marijuana are useful. When you smoke something, it reaches your brain quickly without passing through your liver. That’s good for CBD – its bioavailability jumps from 6% when eaten to 31% when smoked. [] The problem with smoking high-CBD pot (or any pot) is that you inhale all kinds of toxins and carcinogens, as well as THC. Marijuana smoke also contains apigenin, an estrogenic compound that can mess with your hormones, although CBD and THC themselves don’t seem to be estrogenic. [] []

CBD may increase your alertness, help you sleep, and make you less anxious. It could even act as an antioxidant and protect your brain from damage. Just be sure you take it the right way. To avoid pesticides and fertilizers, go organic if you can.

The other not-so-good: CBD is still illegal in many places

Have you heard about cannabidiol (commonly shortened to CBD)? It’s one of the most controversial supplements on the market today, and for good reason.

CBD is one of 85 cannabinoid chemicals found in the cannabis (marijuana) plant. [] THC, the molecule that gets you high, is in the same family, but unlike its mind-altering cousin, CBD from cannabis is totally non-psychoactive. It’s starting to look like CBD can do all kinds of useful things, from decreasing inflammation to fighting multiple sclerosis. I’m excited about it, and I put together a comprehensive guide here.

Bulletproof cbd oil

Don’t smoke it — that wrecks your throat and lungs like cigarettes do. If you’re a newbie, start slow. Some people can have an unpleasant reaction to the vapor.

This is not legal advice and wasn’t reviewed by any lawyers, so consult a licensed attorney in your own jurisdiction to find out whether CBD is legal or not.

You’ll come across the claim that CBD is legal in all 50 states. Some retailers hold that CBD isn’t the drug version of cannabis, and isn’t subject to the same drug laws as medical marijuana is. You’ll read that retailers are free to ship it anywhere they want to in the United States and in 40 additional countries. Since it’s a dietary supplement, you can find it online, in health food stores, and at marijuana dispensaries.

The review found that extremely high chronic daily doses affected the liver metabolism and some fertility measures, but you need a lot of CBD to get there. []


So, is CBD for you? Only you can decide, and with so many variables, it’s best to bring your functional medicine doctor in on this one. So far, the science says it’s not harmful, it’s not addictive, and it has the potential to have positive effects on a laundry list of ails. But, it’s illegal in a lot of places, for reasons that have little to nothing to do with protecting the public. Biohacking is all about taking the information that’s available to you and making your choices from there.

Your body has an endocannabinoid system, which in short means that it has receptors for cannabinoid compounds like CBD and THC. CBD and THC both interact with the body through the endocannabinoid system, a biological communication system that regulates a wide array of functions, like:

You can drop the oil right under the tongue, or place a lozenge under the tongue. Sublingual delivery takes about as long as ingestion to take effect.

CBD tinctures, extracts, absolutes (solvent extraction method)

There’s more — anxiety, neurodegenerative diseases, autoimmune conditions — CBD is worth a look in any disease process that’s rooted in inflammation (which is most of them).

CBD is generally well tolerated. [] Some people report that it makes them sleepy or drops blood pressure. Since there are cannabinoid receptors in the skin, you might notice dry skin after using CBD. But a thorough review showed that CBD does not effect:

Bulletproof cbd oil

There are several reasons you may want to add CBD to your butter coffee, our customers have detailed a few in our product reviews here, but how can it be added?

Just put it all in a blender for 20-30 seconds and the result is a frothy, creamy latte.

The original recipe contains:

BulletProof coffee, also commonly referred to as butter coffee, is the invention of Bulletproof Coffee in the USA. It is a high-fat, keto-friendly coffee, which drinkers claim enhances cognitive function and provides lasting energy.

Why drink BulletProof coffee?

Proponents of butter coffee typically have it at breakfast time instead of a meal. This means it works well with high-fat, ketogenic diets. The benefits, according to Bulletproof Coffee themselves, include:

For more information on adding CBD to coffee more generally, please check our blog, ‘How to make CBD coffee’.

How to add CBD to BulletProof Coffee