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brain tonic cbd

Kali Mist is the perfect sativa for maintaining focus and productivity, and Henry’s Kali Mist Pre-rolls ($24) are perfect for a good old fashioned smoking experience.

Brain Tonic 1:1 promotes the ability to focus and improves memory. In addition to cannabis, it includes the complementary herbs rosemary, gotu kola, and ginkgo. If you’d like a microdose designed to give your brain a boost, Humboldt Apothecary Brain Tonic CBD Tincture ($50) is a great option with an easy to measure dropper.

Olo Focus Strips ($24 to $32) provide a cerebral boost, and are available in a microdose or regular strength. You’ll be organizing your sock drawer in no time and knowing exactly what does and doesn’t spark joy.

Henry’s Kali Mist Pre-Rolls

Olo Focus Strips

Taste and Smell: Alcohol extracts are a more authentic representation of the plants that are featured in the tincture. They impart the herb’s smell, taste, color, etc. This is because the tincture will closely match the make-up of the plants from which they are extracted. This may feel a bit foreign to new tincture users, but tasting these flavors can enhance the effects of the tincture! Many people find that the flavor of herbs is an acquired flavor and that they rather enjoy the suite of botanical notes in a tincture over time.

Why Alcohol Based Tinctures?

Promotes the ability to focus and improved memory. Supports relief of mild inflammation.

The true definition of a tincture is a liquid extract in an alcohol base. Alcohol is used to extract a wide range of constituents that are present in plants, such as essential oils, resins, alkaloids, and a host of other phytochemicals. We love alcohol based liquid extracts because they provide a number of distinct benefits.

Quick Absorption: Alcohol extracts deliver therapeutic benefits faster than other liquids by removing phytochemicals out of the plant and making them available for immediate absorption. The alcohol base is able to partially bypass the digestive process so that your body can begin absorbing the the liquid as soon as it reaches the mucous membranes in your mouth, stomach, and small intestine.

Shake well. Use in water, tea, juice, or your favorite recipe. The effects of this product may be delayed up to two hours.

Flexible Dosing: Liquid extracts make it easy to titrate a dose that is specific for your needs. Because you will absorb the phytochemicals relatively quickly in an alcohol base, you can more easily gage if you will require more, or if you have found the perfect dose for your needs.

Brain tonic cbd

Our CBD is CO2 extracted with no solvent used in the process. Simply warm air passed over the hemp flowers until the Cannabinoid oils are released.

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The Tonic originates from our therapeutic practice for optimum calm and wellbeing. With a broad spectrum of Cannabinoids to benefit immune response, stress/ relief, sleep, mood, appetite and the maintenance of an overall healthy and balanced system.

The Tonic contains a high amount of CBDa, the raw form of CBD with its own unique properties.