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blueberry pie black tie cbd

Density: Medium

Preferred Time of Use: Night

Smell Profile: The BlueBerry scent has improved and is detectable from the time the container is opened. A sweet aroma followed by a very mild undertone of pine. The real BlueBerry aroma is released when the buds are handled. Give a light squeeze and the sweet inside of the pie will ooze out making your fingers sticky and your face smile. A sugary sweet finish to the scent as if the pie is topped with crème’, done proper.

Primary Aromas: BlueBerry, Sugar, Pine, Earthy

Phenotype: Indica-Dominant Hybrid

Blueberry pie black tie cbd

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Effectiveness: 4.9/5

Black Tie CBD Blueberry Pie CBD Flower

The top terpenes present by weight are B-Caryophyllene at 3.6 mg/g, a-Nerolidol at 2.3 mg/g, a-Bisabolol at 1.9 mg/g, a-Humulene at 1.6 mg/g, and B-Myrcene at 1.5 mg/g. Based on the terpene profile, the lab expected the top associated scents to be cinnamon, orange, chamomile, hops, and flowers.

Our Black Tie CBD Blueberry Pie CBD Flower Review

Ease of use: 5/5