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black widow cbd oil

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The variety of Black Widow drought will make you feel relaxed and your emotions will stabilize. It is used to increase focus and allow you to function at a higher level. An intense brain booster makes it the perfect option for anyone looking to boost their mood. It is highly effective in patients with depression, chronic stress, or anxiety disorders. It helps in relieving pain and relieves insomnia. The characteristic fruit profile with delicate nutty notes while exhaling guarantees amazing sensations.

Black Widow hemp drought therapeutic benefits:

Dr Joint PREMIUM DRY CBD 6% – Black Widow 1g CBD – 6%, THC – 0.2%.

Perfect for afternoon smoking. Black Widow is a Sativa dominant strain. If you tolerate this strain well, you will feel your mood rise and your focus will increase with your creativity. Otherwise, the drought will have a calming effect, so it’s ideal when you use Black Widow in the evening. It is important to remember that smoking or vaporizing a CBD flower does not have a psychoactive effect. You can safely consume CBD because the concentration of psychoactive THC is practically zero. The use of CBD is helpful in the case of most civilization and neurological diseases, and the increasingly popular products based on cannabidiol are becoming an alternative to ordinary pharmacological treatments.

The high-quality medical dried hemp Black Widow contains specific compounds, including terpenes, contained in various varieties of the dried material, which give different flavor notes during smoking. The effects of the inhaled cannabinoid in the form of vaporization are virtually immediate. CBD is a 100% legal substance with exceptional health benefits. Drought is of the highest quality, has a natural CBD content. It consists of dense, compact cannabis flowers, free from seeds, leaves and larger stems. Legal dried CBD in a maximum concentration of 6% and low THC up to 0.2%. The hemp drought does not have an intoxicating effect. Not only that, cannabidiol is an antagonist of CB1 receptors, therefore it reduces the effect of THC, which in turn activates the CB1 receptor – it is an agonist. Drought can also be used with medical marijuana, which enhances the therapeutic effect.

One package contains 1G of dried Black Widow variety with a CBD content of 6%.